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Witch of the Night
Item Information
Owner(s) Tashia Rochard
Type Scythe
Element Chaos
Abilities Going through minds • makes people commit suicide
Contract unknown
Season 1
Chapter Ch.39 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (END)

The Witch of the Night (밤의 마녀, Bamui Manyeo) is an unusual Dragon Artifact that is able to enter people's minds, even a Contractor's. Hailing from the Chaos element, it is a powerful yet dangerous Artifact.


From its debut, the Witch of the Night is a rather unconventional Dragon Artifact. Not only is its element unheard of (Chaos), but it does not have an actual physical form.


It is kept in a purple cylindrical purse. When opened, the Artifact's core is visible from the inside.

Its Flame Veils are also atypical; its shape consists of numerous rectangles and is angular in format.

Abilities Edit

The Witch of the Night's main abilities is to invade a person's mind.

  • Teleportation: The Dragon Artifact allows its Contractor to send them to wherever they wish to be.
  • Regeneration: The Contractor gains incredible healing properties and fast restoration to lost body parts; when Tashia was fatally hit by the Bow of Rahutanoks, she easily regenerated her missing portion of her head without any blood splattered.
  • Suicidal Manipulation: At its maximum power, it can induce anyone within 100km of its radius to commit suicide by having them dream of their deepest desires that can never be fulfilled.

Contract RequirementsEdit

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