Biographical Information
Korean 베로
Status Deceased
Physical Traits
Race Mirage Beast
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Abilities Shapeshifting
Season 1
Chapter Ch.22 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (4) (cameo)

Ch.41 - Labyrinth of Terre (1)

Vero (베로, Bero) is a young lesser Mirage Beast called a vero. When fully grown, it can shapeshift into any appearance. After spared by Reana from becoming a snack, it decides to become her “pet”.


Vero's generic appearance is the size of an egg with two little triangular-shaped hands and small bird feet.

Originally, its color was turquoise with yellow sclera and two yellow spots underneath its eye. The two ribbon-like stems from its head was a shade of green. After Vero recognizes Reana as its new “home”, the Beast immediately changes its appearance to resemble Reana's—its skin to that of her dress; its eye of blue sclera; and the ribbon strands to the same color as Reana’s dark pink hat.

When possessed by Munyak, Vero looks relatively the same, but only having a orange aura highlighting its body.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Later on, after Reana's death, Vero transforms into the form of a small dragon, maintaining its previous color scheme. Vero's two ribbon strand became its mane extending to its back; its eyes larger; with four blue circular markings along the sides of its jaw resembling eyes; and twin tails.


Vero is very attached and fond of Reana, almost always by her side and resting on her shoulder. After Reana releases the Dragon Pearl, Vero uses its remaining life to keep Reana's body on Earth.


Season 1 Episode 2:  Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Vero is first seen with a few other vero in the Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts, only to be captured by Ise's Dragon Artifact.

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labyrinth of TerrehEdit

Vero is given to Reana by Ise as food for her to eat, but since she couldn't eat the poor creature after looking into its eye, Reana gives the small Mirage Beast back to the Hunter. The creature, being scared, quickly jumps onto Reana’s shoulder, causing Kairak to form an air sword in an attempt to attack it. Reana tells him that she is fine with it and he disengages.

Placing the little creature onto her hand, it starts changing color; Ise explains this is because the vero has recognized Reana as it’s new home, for they instinctively search for a safe place. Karin suggests Reana to raise the vero since long ago, Riyenas adopted vero to their liking as it can shapeshift when fully grown.

Although Reana at first doesn't know how to raise it, Karin explains that the energy of the Dragon Pearl in her hand is enough for it to feed off from. Reana thus decides to keep it, resolving that she can always return it to the Forest. She then gives the tiny creature a name—Vero, as it is a vero.

Season 2 Episode 7:  DortonEdit

Season 2 Episode 10:  End of the WorldEdit


Vero are of lesser Mirage Beasts, completely weak when young. However, once they become fully grown, vero can change its appearance into any being or item.


Reana FortéEdit

Due do Reana's affection to the Mirage Beast, Vero becomes fiercely loyal to Reana. When Reana's body starts to disappear after sending the Dragon Pearl away, Vero uses its own life-force to anchor her onto Earth, succeeding with only her hair that vanished. However it could only maintain her body for a short while.



It is afraid of Kairak since the dragonoid was about to kill it before Reana's intervention.


  • Veros changes color to blend in with the surrounding environment whenever they find a save haven.