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Bless my poor soul.

For anyone wondering why I haven't been as active as before, it is because I have been really busy with school as it approches to the end of the school year. Since May is the last month until school year ends, I won't be able to make any drastic editing or changes in the character pages and summaries; due to the grading and Finals.

Despite this, I will still look at the changes being made in the Wikia through e-mail and the page itself. (You think I didn't notice? Muhahaha.) Once school ends for me, in 19 more school days, I'll go back working on the character pages and summaries. This means that I won't be active for the month of May only, in advance.

Here's the future plans and thoughts in regards to character pages and chapter summaries . 

Character pages:

◊ Adding in contents for the character pages that has empty sections.

  • Correction for spelling, grammar, and format will be done later after all the pages has some content to work on. (I believe that filling in those "unfinished" pages are more important than the ones that are "almost complete" with all the sections filled in.)

◊ Fixing the formation of Character Pages

  • I have noticed that some of the character pages have a "Plot" section made by a certain Wikia Contributor. e.g., Leehalt Freehanorph Cantare and Reana Forte. (If you're that person currently reading this post, you are not in trouble. The new addition of the section is just questionable, that's all.) It got me thinking if the character pages should have a Synopsis/Plot section since the character pages guideline didn't include  a Synopsis/Plot section. So I need some of your opinions and reasons as to whether the character pages should include a Synopsis/Plot section in the comment section or the forums. 
◊ Deciding(?) Official names of Characters
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Wait, so is it Leehalt Freehanorph Cantare or Reihardt Friehanov Cantaré? I'm confused.

  • I am a meticulous person when it comes to names, details, and description. So when I checked in the recent activities in the Character pages I see, "Reihardt Friehanov Cantaré", "Loenkant Friehanov Pachel", and other slight variation of the names from links. E.g. Prince Lexion Friehanov Latorio.  ???? It questions me as to where you guys get those names from. It's understandable if it's translated from Korean to a different language (aside from English). But I need evidence on how and or where you get those names from since I'm using the names from the English Scanlation by Lone Manga. (I'm Asian, but I'm not Korean. It's not easy to read and translate it to English when Korean is not your first language.) If you have any questions or debate about it, message me on my wall, or comment on this post.

◊ Spelling, Grammar, and Corrections 

  • This part is last once all of the character pages does not have any missing contents in any of its section.


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What?! You promised to write chapter summaries a long time ago. Don't lie to me.

◊ Creating a specific summary guidline

  • I plan on making a specific guidline as to how to write a summary for those chapters before actually writing the summary of the chapter. It's to prevent the summaries from getting disorganized since other people will make edits on the same page. (It happened before, especially when two people are editing on the same page at the same time.)

◊ Clear Brief Summary of each Chapters

  • Once summaries are typed and published, I'll be looking through the summaries to make sure that the details are concise and formal for people to read what the chapter is generally about.

◊ Spelling, Grammar, and Corrections

  • Like the Character Pages, it goes last once all the summaries are made in order to make a local revisions.

If you have any questions, just leave comment on the blog post, my wall, or the forums.

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