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    I'm Back~

    June 7, 2015 by RainofShadows

    Now, I can finally look through all of the changes that has been made since May. (The temptation was so real during May when I kept on seeing Wikia notifications poping up in my email. Grrrr. Damn you school.) Like I said from my previous blog, I will follow up the plans that I made in order to make this Wikia complete with information. 

    Thank you, Blerghers, for making edits and adding contents in the Wikia while I was on a month hiatus. I'm pretty sure I saw you in Batoto (Lol).  

    As for the question that you posted on the comment section on my last blog post, "can you change the Wikia's background color to baby blue/pastel blue rather than grey? I think suiting it with Kairak's flames would be cool :]  (although I do prefer it grey for ed…

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  • RainofShadows

    For anyone wondering why I haven't been as active as before, it is because I have been really busy with school as it approches to the end of the school year. Since May is the last month until school year ends, I won't be able to make any drastic editing or changes in the character pages and summaries; due to the grading and Finals.

    Despite this, I will still look at the changes being made in the Wikia through e-mail and the page itself. (You think I didn't notice? Muhahaha.) Once school ends for me, in 19 more school days, I'll go back working on the character pages and summaries. This means that I won't be active for the month of May only, in advance.

    Here's the future plans and thoughts in regards to character pages and chapter summaries . 


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