I've been a fan of AitW ever since the first chapter was scanlated by Webtoon Live. but because of its slow updates + other series + personal life, I stopped checking on its updates for few months.  When I finally decided to see how it was going (that was early this year), I found tons of chapters scanlated by Lone Manga from last year!  And to boot, their first scanlated chapter happened on my birthday (now how did I miss that?).

So anyway, now that my passion for AitW has been refueled with the help of LM and Batoto forums , I decided to help a bit on AitW's wikia website.  Truth be told, I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of information that it had (I don't blame you RainofShadows - you're one of the few holding this place up!).  There's a ton of people helping at Kubera, Noblesse and other webtoons, so why don't they help AitW, too if they're a fan?

Neveretheless, the more I started adding stuff to the wikia, the more I wanted to become a member of the AitW wikia group.  It was only after RainofShadows posted on her blog about 'a certain Wikia Contributor' *smile* that I decided to create an account--I mean, there were tons of other characters that need to be added, articles that need to be refined, editing was drastically required, and plenty of other pages that had to be created!

Now I'm here, helping out on AitW's wikia to give recommendations and asking help on the site.  And boy, is it fun to be a part of the team.  Though I 'll have a dreadful face of creating a new page and searching up information for the article (raw Korean information, to boot), I'm sure that it'll be worth it once I'm done completing it.

And so, I'm off to finish my unfinished pages!


We are in desperate need of new recruitments!  There are very, very few of us helping out on AitW wikia, so we'd highly appreciate it if you'd contribute to the website!  If you need any help at all or have suggestions/comments, contact RainofShadows  or even me!

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