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    So many to go...*sob*.

    August 5, 2015 by Blerghers

    AitW is near its completion with less than 10-20 chapters to go.  Unfortunately, the wikia is not even close to its half-mark completion.

    I've been coming here every day since June, and, although I am nearly finished with a few pages, there are tons more that still need words placed in them - most specifically character profiles and chapter summaries.  There is only one month left for summer until the abominable torture called school comes back to steal my most precious, relaxing holiday called free time.

    RainofShadows is occupied with summer school, so I'm actually all on my own with updating the wikia.  Miree comes by from time to time with chapter summaries, unfortunately we log in at different times, so we don't chat with each other on L…

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  • Blerghers

    I've been a fan of AitW ever since the first chapter was scanlated by Webtoon Live. but because of its slow updates + other series + personal life, I stopped checking on its updates for few months.  When I finally decided to see how it was going (that was early this year), I found tons of chapters scanlated by Lone Manga from last year!  And to boot, their first scanlated chapter happened on my birthday (now how did I miss that?).

    So anyway, now that my passion for AitW has been refueled with the help of LM and Batoto forums , I decided to help a bit on AitW's wikia website.  Truth be told, I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of information that it had (I don't blame you RainofShadows - you're one of the few holding this place up!).  …

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