This is a timeline of known and current events in the Korean webtoon Abide in the Wind.

Empire Year Kingdom Year Events
First Year the Jerat Empire is created
707 humans step foot on land of Dialadeu
712 explorer Ney Elias publishes his book Dragon Artifact Contractors
300 years ago Kairak is born
978 West Stravin is born
1000 First Year

Loenkant Frihanov Pahel (Pahel the First) is appointed as king of Earthside  •  Kingdom of Earthside is created  •  The War of Independence between Earthside and Jerat begins

1005 5

Labyrinth of Terreh is discovered  •  the Imugis send two of their strongest Contractors as support (Contractors of Lance of Zainarak, Armor of Altum)

1010 10

Earthside wins The War of Independence thus officially excluded from Jerat's control  •  Treaty of Earthside and Itir between Imugis' and Humans' area domains is secretly established  •  West Stravin receives the title of duke  •  Tashia Rochard receives the title of marchioness  •  (presumably Brac Laiden receives the title of earl)  •  Karin and Mugi are born

1015 15 victory memorial opens in Terreh
1029 29

Haast Stravin dies  •  An epidemic goes around the Jerat Empire  •  Dark is born

1038 38 the first and second princes revolt in an attempt to overthrow the king  •  West Stravin is nearly assasinated  •  people involved in the coup d'état are executed
1048 48

second prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré is born  •  Kaneta is appointed as adjutant to crown prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio

1053 53 Reana Forté is born
1058 58

the treaty between humans and Imugi changes the policy of eliminating a group in other's territory  •  Reihart disappears after the Red Rock Road Incident  •  Lexion is dethroned after the incident  •  Black Eye is developed

1060 60 Lexion Frihanov Latorio dies
1070 70


Kairak meets his Riyenas, Reana Forté  •  Roy Forté dies  •  Head commander, the first prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré starts the 12th Dorton Expedition  •  Pahel the First tasks Duke West Stravin to find Reana Forté and Kairak  •  Elder Nanwu stations Karin to be with Kairak and to destroy the dragon's relationship with his Riyenas  •  West Stravin dies  •  Killavin raids Duduk


the Black Chains take over Vicepent during the 55th Vicepent Auctions  •  corrupt allegations on the king is being released to the public by a whistleblower named "R •  royal wedding takes place in Hollan  •  a disaster befalls Hollan


"R" is captured and set for execution without trial, but escapes  •  Mirage Beasts attack Dorton  • Ras Forté dies  •  a perpetual blizzard falls all over the kingdom


Reihart and Reana travel to Yusadipol Harbor   •  rescue operation for professor Luna Forté commence  •  Assault on Yusladipol Harbor occurs  •  Professor Forté's Brunhart project is complete  •  Sex Collar Scandal exposes the first prince involving a sex slave  •  the first prince is betrothed to a commoner

1071 71

Brunhart sets off to Itir  •  Reihart is removed from succession to the throne  •  Reana's death sentence is pardoned  •  Reihart and Reana escapes custody with Luna  •  the elders of the Imugi and the king meet to make changes in the treaty

1087 87 Earthside's parliament commence a meeting for an upcoming war  •  Elise Frihanov encounters Kain Forté at Windy Hills

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