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Biographical Information
Korean 타기
Occupation Salmak (2nd rank)
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Imugi
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Yellow
Family Karin (Sister)
Mugi (Brother)
Affiliation Itir
Abilities Imugi
Equipment Giant Sword (Dragon Artifact)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.87 - Taturang (END)

Tagi (타기, Tagi) is a member of the Imugi's Senate House located in Itir, and is a Salmak of second rank.

Appearance Edit

As a Salmak (살막, Salmak), his attire is different.

Personality Edit

He is shown to have a nonchalant personality.

History Edit

After Karin was born, Tagi. Years ago, Karin found a human exploring the Forest of Mirage Blue Beasts and tricked him into entering the hidden cave underneath the Circle.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labryinth of TerrehEdit

Season 1 Episode:  KarinEdit

His past and origins are revealed as Karin's younger brother, born before Mugi was.  Unlike the two, he was born as a Uduk rather than a Lyn.  This creates disdain on Karin's view of him as being 'different'.  When he obtains a human vessel

Season 2 Episode 7:  DortonEdit

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit

Abilities Edit

As a Salmak, he is a Contractor with a giant black sword Dragon Artifact.

Relationships Edit

Nanwu - He is trusted by Elder Nanwu as his rank as Salmak shows.


Kaji - A Salmak colleague. They are currently tasked to hunt the ex-Riyenas (Reana) together. 

Kamu - A Salmak colleague. They are currently tasked to find and kill the ex-Riyenas (Reana) together. 

Karin - His older sister.  Because he wasn't born as a Lyn, Karin views him as a low life.  Although he follows the Elders' orders, he is still loyal to Karin despite her hostility towards him.

Mugi - Though their interactions with one another were never shown, it is heavily hinted that they had a mutual relationship with one another as brothers.

Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - They fought against one another out in the blizzard.  Tagi lost during their first duel; their second fight ended quickly in a stalemate.

Trivia Edit

  • His hair color mistakenly changes from white to orange.



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