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Roy Forté
Roy Forte
Biographical Information
Korean 로이 포르테
Occupation Technician
Owner of Forté Workshop
Status Deceased
Physical Traits
Race Human]
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family Luna Forté (wife)
Ras Forté (son)
Reana Forté (daughter)
Affiliation Kairak
Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
Thank you always, my daughter.

–Roy to Reana

Roy Forté (로이 포르테, Roi Poreute) was the late father of Reana Forté and Ras Forté.  He was the owner of Forté Workshop and master technician of the town of Middle in the kingdom of Earthside.


A kind, gentle man who had loved and cared for his daughter.  He never gotten upset whenever his workers slacked off.  He loved drinking tea.


He appeared to have been a middle-aged man with grayed hair, dark blue eyes like his daughter, and a kind smile.


Ten years ago, Roy and his wife separated; his son, Ras, chose to live with his mother, thus Roy took Reana with him.  Although separate, he still held on to an old family picture that he kept hidden away, which is now in the possession of the young prince who is out for Reana.

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His was the town's manufacturer and had usually watched over the area.  He built gliders during his free time.

He seemed to have had a weak body which is why his daughter would always make him tea.


Reana Forté - She was his daughter whom he loved and cared for very much.  After his death, Reana continues to blame herself for it and plans to take revenge.  She has her father's kind personality and her mother's looks.

Professor Ras Forté - His eldest child and only son, but hadn't seen each other for over 10 years.  Ras is now a professor at a university.  He resembles his dad greatly, but seems to have his mother's personality.

Professor Luna Forté - His ex-wife after they divorced.  Despite being separated, he still missed her and their son together as a whole family along with his daughter.  According to Reana, she put work first then her family.

Kairak - Under the influence of the Memory Alteration placed by Didan, he had treated Kairak with respect and referred to him as "Young Master".


  • After his death, the prince gave him a proper burial (along with Reana's).
  • He was in his 40's when he died.
  • His greatest treasure was an old family picture before the separation.
  • Roy comes from the Irish origin meaning red. In French, it means king.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Reana) "I am always grateful to have you, my daughter."