The [Dragon's] eternal companion.

The owner of the Dragon Pearl and its life. Connected by absolute trust and faith, they share their feelings, life, and everything that is.

Physical Flame Veils
Other Dragon Pearl symbol
Season 1
Chapter Ch.12 - Riyenas (12)
A Riyenas (리옌나스, Riyennaseu) is the chosen partner of a Dragon. It is the shortened term for (아바.비.리옌나스, which translates as 'the eternal companion'.


Many view the Riyenas as the "owner of the Dragon Pearl". They are the eternal companions of the dragons; a consort or partner. They are connected by absolute faith and trust, sharing their lives and emotions with their dragon. If a Riyenas perish due to illness, injuries, or aging, the dragon will die as well.

Though it's unknown how one is chosen, each Dragon seems to have their own way of selecting their Riyenas; like Kairak who chose Reana, due to his desire to be with her, much to Didan's shock and dismay. Dragons usually chose their own kins or relatives like the Imugi as their Riyenas, however there are dragons who don't chose to have a Riyenas. Humans are not chosen to become Riyenas because of their short lifespan, compared to Imugis and Akooms. However, there are two known human, including Reana, who became a Riyenas.

When a Riyenas does something that angers the dragon, that causes them to become irrational, a dragon will then dismiss them, and soon after they will tipically look for a new replacement. Once, Munyak's first Riyenas made her go mad due to him sleeping with another women which caused her to dismiss him immediately, though instead of looking for a replacement she went into hiding. Once a dragon irrationality surfaces by what the Riyenas does, the dragon can no longer think straight nor listen to its Riyenas. However, when Reana was in danger and kairak attacked, he stopped when he was told to. According to Karin it is because dragons follow the will of their Riyenas.

Unlike dragons, who can't control the pearl instinctively, Riyenas can control and use the dragon's powers though their emotions, as shown by Reana. Riyenas are able to create a Dragon Artifact and use it without any consequences to their mind or body.

The symbol Reana's hand.

The dragon pearl in Reana's hand.

Dragons can track where their Riyenas through the symbol, leading an aura to their Riyenas. The symbol also seems to depict Kairak's horns around the dragon pearl on Reana's left hand.

Riyenas and dragons are able to go in a "Consciousness" realm, where a Riyena's spirit and a dragon's conscience exist for purification and communication away from their bodies. In this realm, a dragon take on the form of their conscience form in a purification chamber.


Deification from the ImugiEdit

Changes of Riyenas PreferenceEdit


  • Flame Veil Materialization:  Depending on the surrounding environment, the Riyenas can subconsciously materialize any object created by Flame Veils suitable for emergency circumstances without enunciating the commands.
  • Tilla (틸라, tilla): A general command that all Riyenas use to materialize Flame Veils into whatever image comes from their mind no matter the situation. The word 'Tilla' must be used first before the Riyenas can use a specific command (ex.,"Tilla: Armum" for defense).
    • Tilla.Ritora (틸라.리토라, tilla ritora):  It recreates the last Flame Veil form that the Riyenas previously summoned.
    • Tilla.Armum (틸라.아르뭄, tilla areumum): This summons a shield with the symbol of the Dragon Pearl. Its size and density changes from the Riyenas' will.
    • Tilla.Telum (틸라.텔룸, tilla tellum):  This ability materializes the Flame Veils into a weapon that the Riyenas is most familiar with.
  • Un.Plaga (운 플라가,  un peullaga):  This command exterminates a large number of enemies by creating destructive blasts of Flame Veils shooting out from the Dragon Pearl symbol. This ability, however, comes with the risk of targeting anything and anyone within its range, whether they are friend or foe.
  • Breath of Life:  When a Riyenas exhales onto a gem, it can either become a healing stone that instantly heals life-threatening injuries, or become the core of a Dragon Artifact. They can also exhale into someone's mouth to inject aura into them to prolong the person's life.


  • It is unknown if a Riyenas and or dragon acknowledge the ability to see insights of their future.
    • In Chapter 3, Reana begin cry, with no clear reason, after a panel showing Kairak offering a dismal Earth to Reana.
    • In Chapter 18, Kairak felt a physical pain in his chest as he saw an insight; which he assumes to be his memories.
  • It is speculated that "Adult Kairak" can go through Reana's memories, which is unconfirmed to be because she is his Riyenas, but he hints at it being so.