Revolver of Kairak
Item Information
Owner(s) Reihart Frihanov Cantaré
Type Revolver
Element Wind
Abilities Shoot powerful blasts of energy
Contract To dedicate oneself the protection of the Riyenas
Season 1
Chapter Ch.07 - Riyenas (7)

The Revolver of Kairak (카이락의 리볼버, Kailagui Ribolbeo) is a unique named Dragon Artifact as it is not only the first Artifact created in centuries, but it is also the first ever gun-type Artifact. It heavily concentrates on mid and long range attacks and is of the Wind element.


The Revolver was originally made by Reana Forté when the head commander-in-chief of the Twelfth Dorton Expedition had requested a weapon upon arrival in Middle; Reana was chosen by the lord of Middle to create one as she had previously won a gun decorating competition. Reana's Dragon partner, Kairak, secretly enchanted the revolver as a gift to Reana.

The head commander, Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré, senses the revolver as a Dragon Artifact, however because it was never activated before, he has difficulties knowing its rank and contract fulfillments. It was still functional as a normal revolver until it was activated as a Dragon Artifact in Episode 8 of Season 2.



The Revolver before it officially became a Dragon Artifact

Reana crafted the revolver as a single action navy model. She designs it with elaborate engravings embodying the barrel, ejector rod, frame and cylinder. Its grip, hammer and trigger are ivory in color; it is a weapon befitting to decorate a wealthy person's wall.

In Season 2 when it finally awakens as a Dragon Artifact, most of its intricate details are absent, particularly the engravings, front sight, and ejector rod.

Revolver core

Core of Revolver of Kairak

The Artifact's core is located behind the cylinder, hovering above where the hammer is. Notably absent from the other named Dragon Artifacts, the core also has horns identical to Kairak's (reasons for this is unknown, though it may be because Kairak is still present on the planet).


  • Reihart shooting giant

    Shot taken from a far distance

    :  With the Revolver, Reihart can project powerful bursts of energy; one shot can exterminate a swarm of Mirage Beasts. He can also shoot targets from a great distance.
  • Ascension:  By propelling themselves with the use of the thick Flame Veils, the Contractor can ascend into the air at a great distance.
  • Aura Sensitivity:  Though not shown in recent chapters, since Contractors of other named Artifacts have been revealed to have inhanced sensitivity to auras related to Dragons, it's assumed the Revolver bestows its Contractor the same senses.

Contract RequirementsEdit

Though intitially unknown what the Aritfact's activation requirements are, Reihart is able to use the Revolver of Kairak when it reacts to his resolve of not having Reana die in front of him. Reihart speculates that the Revolver's contract is to have genuine devotion for the protection of the Revolver's creator's Riyenas. The Contactor can use the Artifact with astonishing ease (even allowing a human to exceed their limits without fatigue) if their level of determination surpasses its conditions.


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