Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Reihart Frihanov Cantaré
Biographical Information
Korean 리이할트 프리하노프 칸타레
Occupation First Prince of Earthside
Heir Presumptive
Second Prince of Earthside (formerly)
Commander of 12th Dorton Expedition
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Peridot Green
Family Loenkant Frihanov Pahel (father)

Faltina Josephine (mother; deceased)
First Older Half-Brother (deceased)
Second Older Half-Brother (deceased)
Lexion Frihanov Latorio (third older half-brother; deceased)
Elise Frihanov (half-sister)
Eltess (stepmother)

Affiliation Kingdom of Earthside
Reana Forté (S2)
Abilities Contractor
Equipment Lance of Zainarak (formerly)

Revolver of Kairak (season 2)

Season 1
Chapter Ch.09 - Riyenas (9)

Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (리이할트 프리하노프 칸타레, Riihalteu Peurihanopeu Kantare) is an antagonist turned tritagonist and one of the main characters of the series Abide in the Wind. He is an extremely skilled Contractor using the named Dragon Artifact the Lance of Zainarak. Though Reihart is currently the first prince of Earthside, he is in fact heir presumptive to the kingdom.

Due to an incident that happened twelve years prior to the start of the series, he plans to overthrow his father and his Chamber Council and become the next king. He pursues Reana Forté in order to make the power she has as Riyenas his own.


Reihart has his father's green eyes and blonde hair kept short with fringes parted to the left. He is tall, measuring at 6'2" and is twenty-two years old at the start of the series. Albeit constantly shown wearing white pants and a large white fluffy wool vest, his shirt changes from purple tunic with yellow trimmings from a red tunic. He has a huge scar on the left side of his neck that extends straight down to his hip.

Despite being the first prince of Earthside, Reihart rarely shows himself in public. To all he is the powerful and handsome prince.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Kingdom Earthside under CalamityEdit

Reihart clothes change s2

Reihart's new set of clothes in S2

In Season 2 during Earthside's perpetual blizzard, Reihart dons a new set of clothing (save for his red shirt) for the cold weather. Now wearing black pants and boots, his dark green jacket with midnight green trimmings matches Reana's attire as the new clothes were taken from the same place; Reana notes that he wears his clothes in a messy manner. His hair has also grown tad longer and has it unkempt. He wears a large tattered brown hooded cloak when out in the snow storm.
Reihart uniform s2

Reihart's uniform during the assault

During the Assault on Yusladipol Harbor, he changes into a red military uniform with a black collar to show authority. A gold sash drapes over his right shoulder and is tied around his waist. He is constantly seen wearing a grey overcoat with fringed epaulettes (which are later replaced by shoulder boards) over his uniform.


As king of Earthside, his uniform changes to blue with red cuffs and red and yellow highlights. Though obscure, a gold sash is present. He wears a grey coat over his shoulders.


Though not unkind to his knights, he is disrespectful towards the Mirage Beast Hunters. Although not many people know that he is a Contractor, he is the new head commander of the large Twelfth Dorton Expedition, leading the infamous Killavin Platoon (킬라빈 소대, Killabin Sodae). Reihart is fearless and reckless; he walks into a house on fire with the protection from his Dragon Artifact. He often exceeds his limits when using his Artifact with highly skilled moves, endangering himself to Mind Corruption. He is also possessive; when he discovers an immense power near Middle Plaza (Kairak's Dragon Pearl), he immediately went after it to make it his own. He is also to be manipulative, taking control of chaotic situations and turnign things into his favor.

Despite having a ruthless mind with a stern discipline, Reihart feigns having a frivolous behavior in public to hide his agendas from the Chamber Council, constantly hanging around with women and rarely trains during his stay at Dorton, not caring what people think of him. When tired of women, he goes to rest in a place they find repulsive.


He had an incredibly close relationship with his older half-brother, Lexion Frihanov Latorio, and respected him; it was Lexion who had cautioned Reihart about Dorton being spies for the Chamber Council.

He took up his Dragon Artifact at a remarkable age of twelve. His mother's death happened at the same time he became Contractor and only has few memories of her.

Red Rock Passage IncidentEdit

Twelve years before the series began, Reihart was kidnapped along with his mother by Salmaks under the orders of Yugi, an Imugi Kirin. Though Lexion (who was the first prince at the time) tried to save them, his personal Dragon Artifact is destroyed by Yugi himself and is also kept as a captive.

After Lexion explained to Reihart what they're needed for (to trade for 'the thing underneath the kingdom'), Reihart panics that no rescue will happen since princes are now useless figures in Earthside. Lexion however denies this—the kingdom will respond since this was their chance of obtaining a named Dragon Artifact.

When Duke West Stravin arrived and rejected Yugi's demands due to a change in the Treaty between Humans and Imugi, a fight ensued between the two sides. After a long duel, Yugi was forced to throw away his named Dragon Artifact, the Lance of Zainarak (which landed near where Reihart and Lexion both stood), and transformed into his true snake form. The Imugi then used Reihart's mother as hostage. However, Stravin found it tiresome and meaningless to rescue her, so Lexion took up the thrown-away Dragon Artifact to save her. Though he saves Reihart's mother, traces of Blackthorn began to appear on Lexion since his motive did not coincide with the Lance's contract. Reihart, furious of how the king views his family's lives as nothing, decided to use the Lance to control the flames around them and disappeared before Stravin has him killed.

As he lived incognito for two years in the poor alleys, he practiced his skills as a Contractor. Close to completion with his training, he secretly visited Lexion and listened about his love for Reihart's mother. Lexion pondered if Reihart will ever find his true love, though Reihart rejected the notion as he is more focused on taking down their father. Reihart left quickly before his brother was finally consumed by Blackthorn. Fueled by anger and revenge, he returned to the palace as first prince a year later and started his plan to overthrow the current king and government Chamber using any methods necessary.


Season 1 Episode 1:  RiyenasEdit

Reihart is first introduced by reference when Reana is shown making a revolver, explaining that the weapon was issued by the new head commander of the Expedition for emergency uses; she assumes that he is a man of high nobility. Due to Middle's expertise in weapon-making, the town is chosen to collaborate with the Northern Great Plains Expedition, a campaign where a small company of the royal army explores the Great Plains; the head commander's visit is to inspect on their work. Rumors quickly begin to spread of the newest commander (Reihart) being a member of the royal family. He appears in a small cameo during a welcoming parade for the soldiers and is described to be incredibly young (for a commander) by the townspeople.

Resting in the residence of the lord of Middle after the festival, Reihart is shown ardently expecting the revolver that he had urgently ordered previously. As a Contractor, he is able to sense the revolver as a Dragon Artifact however question its origin, an item of new technology; he notes that Dragon Artifacts are items of old and are found during excavation, not recently made. As Reihart gets up to investigate on a Dragon Knight incident that happened in Middle Plaza reported by Captain Lupenin, he decides to visit Forté Workshop (where the revolver's maker works in) for answers.

Upon inspecting on the unusual circumstances of a Dragon Knight's Blackthorn corpse in Middle Plaza with the Killavin Platoon, he activates the Lance of Zainarak and scans the area for the missing Artifact. When he does find it and questions why such a normal Artifact went rampant, he discovers another mysterious power close by it. Flabbergasted by how immense the foreign power is, he quickly heads over to its location with the Killavin Platoon in order to make it his. Once there (at the Forté residence), the building is ablaze in fire; he uses the Lance to protect himself and enters the burning house. He quickly finds Reana mounting onto Kairak's neck in dragon form. When they flee in great speed, he assaults them both with a powerful attack but was only able to graze Kairak's leg. Captain Lupenin gathers information and informs that the house belonged to the owners of Forté Workshop; Reihart orders Lupenin to label the family as dead and to make up a conclusion for the Middle Plaza incident to cover the truth. He summons Dark, an Akoom, and instructs him of finding Reana and to follow her moves.

After getting a headache from the use of his Artifact, Reihart then gets a surprise visit from Eren Rochard who gives the prince a small bottle of Black Eye and invites him to the Taturang Summer Festival.

Season 1 Episode 2:  Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

In Dorton Castle, Reihart greets Professor Ras and gives him a vial of Black Eye to research as he doesn't trust the unknown substance. Reihart, in a hidden manner, collects information on Reana through Ras by telling him how his (Ras') father and sister have died in a fire; if Reihart had known that their mother—Professor Forté—also had an intelligent daughter then he would have hired her. Ras disapproves this—though Reana is intelligent, she does not have the resolve for success and that her over-kindness allows people to use her for their own benefits. After Ras leaves the office, Reihart plans on how to persuade Reana when Lily and Tuli Dorton enters the room. Remembering in the past of someone telling him of Lord Duslanting Dorton's adopted daughters as also spies, he actively greets the two and takes them out to socialize.

Reihart is seen again days later playing golf on the castle's roof with Lily and Tuli by his side. He purposefully aims at Duslanting's office, though he says it was an accident.

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labyrinth of TerrehEdit

Reihart listens to Lupenin's report on the Killavin's daily routines as he rests in Professor Ras' lab when he informs the captain that Stravin is finally making his move. When Lupenin questions him if the information was from Dark and whether he trusts the Killavin, Reihart answers that he does have confidence in their abilities. Reihart also answers why he is resting in the lab—to liberate himself from Duslanting's adopted daughters' attention (the room gives off an odious smell that the women hate). After Lupenin and Ras both hastily leave the room (Lupenin escaping from the medical syringe whilst Ras chases him for his blood), Reihart has a private conversation with Dark who suddenly appears beside him. Disclosing his surprise on Dark's discovery of their target being a dragon and Riyenas, Reihart suspects Stravin will likely apprehend them at their next destination—Labyrinth of Terreh—and orders Dark to take Stravin down before it happens; removing Stravin, a prominent figure within the kingdom, would help accelerate their plan of Reihart becoming king to abolish the Akoom slavery. Reihart then remembers Dark reporting of how an Imugi is now accompanying the two and changes his order to have the Imugi defeat Stravin instead.

Several days later, Ras shows Reihart his discovery of Black Eye being a concentrated form of Mirage Beast blood; when in excruciating pain, the Beasts release a kind of poison into their bloodstream to relieve them from it.  Reihart deduces that the high quality blood came from Imugi. He then gathers the Killavin with Dark's help and attacks Hunters' Village.

Upon landing on Duduk, he immediately wreaks havoc on site, attracting Mugi's attention. The two duel one another; though both are Contractors of named Dragon Artifacts, Reihart quickly defeats Mugi and has him captured. As the Killavin finish up their operation, he gets a major headache from exerting too much mentality and loses consciousness.

Season 1 Episode 4:  TaturangEdit

Days after the raid, Reihart wakes up and finds himself in a hotel located in Taturang.

Season 1 Episode 5:  Hollan - FestivalEdit

Wearing a Black Chain robe, Reihart has a private conversation with the leader of the criminal organization. During their secret meeting, he tells of how he plans to trigger an uprising within the country.

Days later at his father's (sixth) wedding reception, he manipulates his new step-mother into retrieving his father's staff for his own plans knowing that she still has an infatuation for him.

Reihart secretly visits one of the sixteen obelisks placed around the capital late at night with Dark to accompany him. As Dark gives him a small box containing Flame Veils of Darkness, the Akoom asks Reihart about one of the guests from the wedding reception who had Light properties; Reihart quickly brushes the topic off since he deems it irrevelant and tells the spy to do what he is told for now.

Season 1 Episode:  ReihartEdit

Reihart's past is revealed and what the reasoning for his ambitions is. A prolepsis discloses a future of Reihart being with Reana in the middle of a ruined dragon temple in a blizzard, crying for unknown reasons.

Season 1 Episode 6:  Hollan - CollapseEdit

With the help of his new step-mom, Reihart uses the staff to enter the hidden chamber located underneath the royal palace and finds Munyak chained there. He frees her from the restraints that bind her powers and has her go berserk in the capital.

Hours later he is seen seated in the exact same train that Reana is in. Aware that she is looking for the killer behind her father's death and knows who it is, Reihart tries to make a compromise with Reana by helping with her vengeance however she flatly declines his offer. He uses his last resort by forcefully placing on her neck the collar that restrained Munyak's powers.

Season 2 Episode 7:  DortonEdit

As Ras reports to Reihart of Reana's body functions as perfectly normal during investigation behind her deep slumber, he suggests removing the collar to wake her up; Reihart refuses to. When Reihart walks into Reana's room and sees her awake, he immediately interrogates her with a pen and paper in front of her (the collar made Reana mute). When he acknowledges giving her the opportunity to visit the others as part of bargain, Reana stubbornly refuses to do any deal whatsoever. He becomes impatient and tells her of how her brother, Ras, is also in Dorton as a hostage (unbeknownst to Ras himself) and to decide soon as she is helpless to do anything. When Reana asks the prince what his reasons are for wanting the Dragon Pearl, Reihart tells her that he wants to overthrow the king though decides to discontinue the topic.

Reihart is next seen having a meeting with Ralton in private. He confirms his suspicions as Reihart being the one who ordered his rescue before execution for the sole reason of having him to continue spreading the unethical and atrocious activities on the king. After revealing to Ralton that Dark's actions are out of will, Reihart agrees to allow him to speak with Dark in private.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

He is next seen outside practicing his marksmanship with the revolver, Eren alongside him. When the marquess brings up on the fact how the soldiers are talking about 'the mysterious woman' Reihart had brought back, he shoots down the dummy target in an abrupt manner.

When he gets a sudden visit by Reana in his office, she asks about the fire incident in Middle. When he passes her the information of labelling the Forté family as dead and having given her father a proper burial, he ponders how Reana is surprisingly willing to cooperate so soon. She goes on to demand having the collar removed, threatening the prince with a smile that if he doesn't, she will commit suicide thus give the Dragon Pearl back to its original owner. Reihart becomes awfully agitated by this, not knowing why he is angry with her calm request.

Tashia Rochard's unexpected arrival thwarts the meeting in disarray. Reana is taken elsewhere by Dark before the marchioness kidnaps her. The noble shockingly mentions to Reihart of him being a 'vessel candidate' but disappears before further explaining. Lupenin then barges into the office and informs Reihart that a dense mass of Mirage Beasts have invaded Dorton. Reihart is evidently disturbed of what Tashia said of him while ridding the Beasts. After defeating most of them, he and a group of Knights go to where Reana is being held near the dungeons. As he charges towards the two invaders (Tashia and a brainwashed Karin), Reihart decides to compel with Reana's earlier request and removes the limiters of the collar, telling her to "deal with the other one (Karin)". He carries on battling Tashia and quickly overwhelms her, pushing her against the wall and demanding an explanation of what she said earlier.

Season 2 Episode:  DarkEdit

Reihart is seen in a cameo talking to an Akoom leader with Dark nearby. This may be the meeting where Reihart makes a deal of demolishing the Akoom Slavery Act in exchange for helping him become king.

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit

Due to a misunderstanding, Reihart has difficulties explaining the current events to Reana after she wakes from her slumber. He first decides to have her shoot him to repent for his actions, but when Reana tries to commit suicide instead, he tells her of the kingdom's circumstances because of Kairak—Imugi are now in dominance, Mirage Beasts running wild, and a perpetual blizzard has fallen onto the country. Now Reana's ally, Reihart tells her that he will take her to Itir where Kairak is to stop the disasters. Reana, with a resentful expression, tells him that she will forever hate him, of which Reihart accepts.

After Reana changes clothes and Reihart tells her what their plan is (head toward Yusladipol Harbor to create an airship), he explains about her body's current state, concluding that her soul is temporarily attached to Ras's crystal necklace. They then depart in the blizzard.

Awakening of Revolver of Kairak

'Revolver of Kairak' activates for the first time

When they come across a savage Mirage Beast, Reihart defeats it in close combat, unknowingly impressing Reana with his skills. As they briefly discuss what humanity should do in a crisis, Reana believes that humans should aid one another; Reihart scoffs at this saying that people become greedier. When the two stumble upon highwaymen and attempts to escape, their scuffle unluckily attracts a horde of Mirage Beasts. Just when Reihart decides to activate the revolver, he suddenly doubts himself whether he can trigger the Artifact and if aiding Reana was part of Eren's manipulation. But when he becomes firm about not allowing her to die in front of him, Reihart awakens the Revolver of Kairak for the first time and exterminates the Beasts with one shot.

Days later when they rest in an abandoned shack, he allows Reana to see the Artifact that Kairak secretly enchanted. Reihart suspects the reason why he isn't mentally fatigued (despite exceeding the human limit) is because of its contract—the condition for Reana's protection with absolute devotion. Before arriving at their destination, he senses a group of Contractors nearby and is assaulted by Karin's group. Reihart easily deals with the other Imugis and points the Revolver at Karin until Reana stops him from shooting her. Karin, after Reana rejects her offer, leaves without telling the Elders about them.

Finally arriving at Yusladipol Harbor, they both witness the effects of the disaster—towns are destroyed, people in distress, and disorder everywhere. Upon hearing rumors of Kairak purposefully wrecking havoc on the country, Reana stubbornly defends Kairak; Reihart becomes envious of her faith in the dragon. When they are seen by Colonel Kaneta, the two gain entry to the military base. He asks Head General Brac LaidenCaptain Lupenin's father, for permission to create 'Brunhart' in order to invade Itir. After Reihart convinces the general, he goes to where Reana is and finds her taking care of Elise, his baby half-sister. When the two are alone together, Reana asks if he had orchestrated the deaths of the previous queens; Reihart denies the accusation. After he gives an apathetic explanation of how the late queens died, she bitterly criticizes him for being uncaring about it.

At the Elias manor, Reihart requests to use the underground passageway to infiltrate the 42 warehouses. Ralton asks him about a different important matter—will he take the thrown and reign the kingdom to regain the country's peace from the year's various chaotic events.

Season 2 Episode 9:  Great PlainsEdit

During the ship Brunhart's flight, Reihart fires the Revolver to make a path from the raging storm. When Reana asks him where the Dragon Artifact Moonlight-Slicing Sword is, he answers that the Killavin Platoon would have it, explaining that it was a missing Artifact of the royal army's thus was kept until re-administrating it to the army.

Season 2 Episode 10:  End of the WorldEdit



Reihart is skillful in close combat and has proven himself to have amazing fighting instincts; even without having a Dragon Artifact, he is able to defeat a Mirage Beast (although with a bit of difficulty). He is also proficient in shooting. As a prince he has influential connections and a network of spies.


He has high stamina as a Contractor and is highly proficient in using Dragon Artifacts. From his years of self-training, he is shown throughout the series that his mastery with named Artifacts exceed other Contractors of similar Artifacts; during his fight in Vicepent, he displays amazing use and control with the Lance's firepower. He is also able to maneuver the Flame Veils emitting from named Artifacts with easy manipulation.

Lance of Zainarak (자이나라크의 창, Jainarakeuui Chang):  Although forgotten by many, the Lance is currently one of the most powerful Artifacts as it is a named Dragon Artifact. It is of the fire element and is powered by heat and fire.

  • Flame Lance:  After gathering nearby heat and fire to magnify the Lance's power, Reihart can attack a target from a long distance. Constructed by destructive Flame Veils, it resembles a colossal lance from a distant view.
  • Aura Sensitivity:  Because he is a Contractor of a named Artifact, Reihart is able to sense all things related to dragons (Dragon Artifacts, Dragon Pearl) within close range. He can increase the field of sensitivity (300m+) for a short time when needed.
  • Ascension:  He can also ascend in the air at a great distance with the use of the thick Flame Veils.
Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Revolver of Kairak (카이락의 리볼버, Kailagui Ribolbeo):  Though he first has difficulties on knowing what the contract requirements are, Reihart is able to use the Revolver after the named Artifact reacts to his resolve of not having Reana die in front of him. He is then able to use it with astonishing ease, exceeding the human limit without fatigue due to the fact that his level of determination surpasses its conditions.

  • With the Revolver, Reihart can project powerful bursts of energy;one shot can exterminate a swarm of Mirage Beasts. He can also shoot targets from a great distance.
  • Ascension:  With the use of the thick Flame Veils, he can ascend in the air at a great distance.


A freed Akoom slave working under Prince Reihart as his spy. The prince currently tasks Dark to watch over Reana and her actions, giving frequent reports on her to him. Years ago, they both made a deal that, in exchange for aiding Reihart in becoming king, the prince will abolish the Akoom Slavery Act.  

Prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio
Reihart's half-brother who died twelve years ago. Reihart looked up to his brother when he was alive and still does, planning to exact Lexion's and his mother's death even after twelve years. Lexion had advised Reihart in various things in regards as a prince.  

Reana Forté
In the first season Reihart secretly pursues Reana across the country for her powers as a Riyenas by having his Akoom spy, Dark, follow her activities from a safe distance. He intends to take the power she has as Riyenas before the king does. Taking control over the fire incident at her home, he labels Reana as dead to the kingdom. He has attacked her and Kairak a couple times, leaving a fearful impression to Reana.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

After an unfortunate string of events, he decides to assist Reana when ousted from his role and the kingdom in shambles. He decides to take her to Itir as guard. She is open on the fact about how much she resents him for his past actions. While guilty for his past actions, he knows that he cannot give any excuse for them.

Though surfacing in earlier Episodes, it is clear in the second season that Reihart becomes infatuated by Reana due to her kindness (and similarities to his deceased mother). Because of his possessive behavior, he wants her to be by his side and not go anywhere.

Reihart is constantly near her in case of danger, becoming overly protective despite Reana's chagrin. He gets jealous pretty easily whenever she talks to another man with ease (Ralton in this case). When Reihart threatens Ralton into doing a specific job, he did not have Reana by his side to witness it. She later becomes his 'fiancée' in order to cover the slave collar scandal.

They have completely opposite personalities—Reana being kind, Reihart being ruthless; Reana is selfless, Reihart is possessive and hungry for power; as Reana believes every life is important, Reihart does not mind wasting one for his plans. For necessary reasons, Reihart would steal or take people's goods, compared to how Reana still finds it wrong to. During their talk about what humanity should do in a horrible crisis, Reana stated that humans have to band together and help one another, however Reihart laughed at that idea saying that people's darker sides become more visible at times of chaos.

He has only called and referred her either by her full name or "that woman".

Captain Lupenin Laiden
Reihart's left-hand man. A First-Class Dragon Knight and adjutant captain of the Killavin Platoon who is fiercely loyal to the prince. As a Killavin member, Lupenin is one of the few who knows that Reihart had resided in the impoverished alleys during his disappearance. Reihart acknowledges Lupenin's capabilities with high regards.

Duke West Stravin

Though she was one of Reihart's previous lovers, he does not have affections for Eltess. In Episode 5 she became his new stepmother, however still harbors feelings for him. He uses this to his advantage by manipulating her into retrieving something for him. 

Lily & Tuli Dorton
The two adopted daughters of Lord Duslanting; they are constantly around Reihart whenever they can for information, though they also want his attention as prince. Reihart knows that they work for Duslanting, thus tells them nothing and only dallies with them.

King Loenkant Frihanov Pahel
Although being the first prince, Reihart is his fourth son from a second wife. Their relationship is strained as the king is infected by parasites. Reihart now regards the weakened king as an obstacle in the way of destroying Earthside's corrupt government.  

Marquess Eren Rochard

They battle each other when the Killavin invade Hunters' Village. Their fight results with Reihart as the victor and capture of the Hunters.

Professor Ras Forté
Reihart recognizes his talent as a professor and has Ras accompany him in the Dorton Expedition as researcher for his plans. Although Reihart entrusts Ras to study Black Eye, he does not give him information on his agendas, keeping Ras in the dark about Reana's situation.

Queen Faltina Josephine
His late mother. Their relationship is never shown.

An acquaintance who is the boss of the Black Chains in Hollan. They became affiliated with one another when Reihart hid in the poor alleys.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Colonel Kaneta
She was the one who spotted Reihart and Reana in Yusladipol Harbor. Due to her experience in the army, Kaneta becomes Reihart's new aide until Loenkant's arrival deprives Reihart of his status.

Head General Brac Laiden
Reihart remembers the general as being physically the strongest of the three retainer families.


They briefly fight in the blizzard. Reihart was suspicious of her but reluctantly lets her leave as Reana trusts her.

Marchioness Tashia Rochard

Princess Elise Frihanov
Reihart's baby half-sister from the previous (fifth) queen. Since he did not recognize her in Yusladipol Harbor, it is strongly hinted that he had never spent time with Elise as family despite being half-siblings. Elise is deathly frightened of Reihart and calls him 'monster'. His first impression of her is that of a 'noisy kid', though the epilogue hinted that their relationship has improved over the years.

Professor Luna Forté
After rescuing her at the warehouses, she works for him to complete her Brunhart project. She becomes his 'future mother-in-law' after the slave collar scandal.

Ralton Elias
Reihart was the one who ordered Ralton's rescue before he was executed for being a whistleblower. He works under the prince in Episode 8.


  • Shin Weol (creator of AitW) created his name by combining and altering the German names REINHART + FRIEDRICH + ROMANOV (Russian); his last name is taken from the musical term, cantare (Latin for to sing).
  • He is twenty-two years old, weighing 79kg and 6'2" tall (189cm) at the start of the series.
  • His birthday is in the winter season.
  • Words that describe him would be:  power, strength, hate, and struggle.
  • He is able to withstand Millanka's horrible cooking.


  • (To Kairak)  "I can't believe you were once revered as gods. You're no different from a beast."
  • (To Reana)  "I know who the culprit is. He is someone very close to me, as well as my enemy. I wish for his destruction as well. Our objective is the same. If you help me, I'll gladly help you sever his neck."
  • (To Ralton)  "Right now, what's more important is survival."