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Reana Forté
Biographical Information
Korean 레아나 포르테
Occupation Technician
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family Roy Forté (father; deceased)
Ras Forté (brother)
Luna Forté (mother)
Kairak (lover)
Kain Forté (son)
Affiliation Kairak (Dragon Partner)
Didan (servant)
Karin (escort)
Ralton Elias (friend)
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (season 2)
Abilities Dragon Pearl
Equipment Moonlight-Slicing Sword
Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
No, presumptions are useless. I met him. No matter how many times that moment may repeat, the choice I desired...So I must bear it. All of this.


Reana Forté (레아나 포르테, Reana Poreute) is the main protagonist of the Korean webtoon series Abide in the Wind. Reana is the daughter of Roy Forté, one of her town's manufacturing factory craftsmen. She is Kairak's Riyenas and master of Didan. She has many talents—cooking, gardening, making tea—and is a skilled technician with a vast knowledge on technology.



Reana is a youthful teenager of average height and slender figure. She has long, light brown hair with fringes parted to her right; dark blue eyes; and fair skin.

She wears a tan cropped jacket with wide sleeves; a tan strapless dress with pink under layer cloth, brown obi wrap belt; pink courier waist bag; and tan boots with pink socks. Attached at the back of her obi belt is a pink mini toolbox given by her father as a birthday present.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Post Ex-RiyenasEdit


Reana's appearance in Episode 8

After the Dragon Pearl is removed from her body and dies, Reana's physique underwent drastic changes due to being brought back to life. Reana now has shoulder-length stark-white hair and pale skin.

She wears a midnight green dress over another dark green dress and white blouse; a phthalo green jacket cut above the waist with dark green sleeve cuffs; an obi belt; and phthalo green boots with yellow cuffs, all of which have yellow trimmings. She dons a large tattered brown hooded cloak when out in the snow storm.

Future SelfEdit

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Much like the insights of Kairak's future (that Reana saw), Reana makes an appearance from Kairak's vision of the future (or prolepsis) at the same setting she foresaw of the future. Reana appears to be wearing a white shirt, but most notably her skin tone, hair color and hair length have returned to normal.

In the epilogue, her face is elongated slightly showing that she has gotten older. She wears a pink dress with a darker wrap around her waist, along with a shawl.


Reana is a compassionate, determined, selfless, and responsive person. She would go out her way to help those in pain and or in need, no matter if it harms her in any way. She is highly averse to violence, always trying to find a peaceful alternative to a conflict. However, despite knowing the consequences that would fall on her, Reana resentfully accepts the burden of her actions; especially to Kairak.

Reana's compassionate nature cause her to prioritize the well-being of others above her own, acknowledging the hardships they had went through. As an Uduk tries to consume Ralton, Reana yells to Kairak, "If someone is in danger, you should help them!",[1] angry that Kairak watched without helping Ralton. Reana's concern for people's safety does, however, clash with Kairak's view of intervention. Reana is quite perceptive about Kairak's situation, him being the only dragon on Earth, as she thought how lonely it was to wait three hundred years to mature.[2] Because of this, Reana tries to stay positive to prevent any negative emotions transferring to Kairak.

Reana is very determined to help Kairak mature to a full-fledge adult in one year and to find the parasite who killed her father, Roy Forté. She vows to help Kairak mature saying, "Ok! I'll do my best to help you too. Just tell me if there's anything I can do!"[3] Her commitment to help Kairak and Didan motivates her to carry out her promise, despite the fact that Kairak has disrupted her normal life. Reana is capable of being a vengeful character. Her only goal, besides helping Kairak reach to adulthood, is to kill the parasite that burned her home and killed her father. While others believe that she has ulterior motives, Reana plans to live a quiet life once she gets her revenge and after Kairak leaves Earth within a year.

Reana is selfless, disregarding her own desires and feelings for the sake of others, claiming that she can live a normal life every day to be happy and content. When Didan puts Reana through a test, judging whether she is suited to entrust the Dragon Pearl to, Didan comments that she had goodwill with no ill intention to harm them. Kairak comments about Reana that "Even if I was just a stone she was passing by, even if she knew it would shorten her life...she still would've done it,"[4]wanting to stay by her side for her actions. Reana's kindness is evident when she says to her father, "I'm happy that you're happy,"[5] caring for the happiness of others in order to be happy. However, Didan, Karin and Ras note that she cares too little for herself, which poses a problem to her as a Riyenas in the future.

Reana is rather responsive to certain situation and mindful to people's words. When she meets Ralton and Hick, she reacts calmly with enthusiasm to them, to avoid suspicions towards their meeting. She is also quick to react when an Akoom slave, Janna, was being beaten by her master, Colonel Kaneta; telling Kaneta that is it wrong to beat their slave. Reana is aware of people's words in regards to how her world works and the importance of dragons in their universe. Kairak tells Reana that the strong devour the weak and they should not interfere with it; which she couldn't accept. Reana knows that Kairak is a dragon and his emotions and actions are different from hers. However, because she is human Reana couldn't turn away from a situation that can be prevented, in this case Ralton's near death, through intervention.

While Reana appears to be passive and kind, she is shown to be bitter from the outcome of her actions. When Reana realizes that Didan use her for Kairak's benefit, she becomes devastated that she cannot live normally when her life is currently in danger. Reana states that, "I cannot reverse something that has already happened,"[6] as she grudgingly accepts that fact. As the story progresses, Reana's involvement with Kairak causes her to think back about her decisions in a cryptic way; questioning herself if she would have something different when she first met Kairak. Her bitterness is shown when Reana tells Kairak to think for himself, because she can't stand the idea of controlling someone else's life, and to take some responsibility for his actions.

Unfortunately, she also experiences suicidal thoughts and depression during the second season. Showing that her good spirit is not everlasting under violent conditions.


Once as a child, Reana traveled in the rain to visit her brother at his school. Her brother Ras, seeing her ill from waiting outside in the rain, sat by her side as she rested in bed. Although Ras remembers her earnest desire to see him fondly, he wishes that she would take better care of herself.

Then, at least ten years ago, her parents had a divorce and both went separate ways. When her brother chose to follow their mother and moved to the capital, Reana was left to stay with her father in Middle. Reana was deeply saddened about the separation for years until she made a plan to go see them by gliding, however gravily injured herself three miles away from her home. Seeing how sorrowful Roy felt after seeing her injuries, Reana began to look at the positive side in her life and paid more attention to her father's happiness instead.

It is left unclear if Kairak's meeting with a younger Reana ever truly happened in the past or if Kairak was simply going through Reana's memories, however Reana met Kairak in the Forté residence's garden. She had noticed Kairak's presence, despite being in his conscience form, as she continued to plant. She had also talked to Kairak in the living room seeking advice to cheer her father up from depression as the result of Roy's divorce. Kairak uses his power to suppress her memories of him for reasons unknown.



Reana is initially introduced commenting the early spring weather perfect for flying to her father and company as they overlook the luscious landscape. She then notices something is wrong with the wind.

The scene skips to a forest where Reana finds red ominous glows falling from the sky. An ill-looking boy with long black hair suddenly falls in her lap. The contents then mention of her as the one who confronted the last dragon on the planet.

Season 1 Episode 1:  RiyenasEdit

Dreaming about her family's separation from years ago, Reana wakes up and greets her father before she goes gliding. Thinking about the past and her decision of only concentrating on her current life, the wind suddenly sweeps her off-course and crashes in a tree without injury. There she finds an impressive enormous bird that seems to be afflicted with pain. A voice calls out to her and tells her that the majestic being is a dragon poisoned from 'malevolence'; wanting to help without question, she follows the voice's instructions and heals the dragon by placing her left hand on its head and uttering the word, "Purification".

Soon after, she is told about dragons and how the dragon pearl is bound within her left hand. She decides to do, still naive as to what is truly happening to her life. Reana continues on with everyday life with Kairak close beside her. However, all is cut short when the parasitoid finds her father and takes over her as hostage. reveals the true reason about Reana becoming a vessel for the dragon pearl. Didan, finding that the situation has become more drastic than expected, tries to remove the pearl from her body but finds it impossible to do so; Kairak reveals to him that he has chosen her as his Riyenas, shocking didan.

sending that the monster wanted to separate Reana from him, but is stopped by Reana who uses the peal to protect her father body. Though she tries to save him, she is unable to and ends up losing her father. deciding it's best to leave when the dragons knights approach, she flees, but without getting hurt. she is then seen healing Kairak and her wounds, while Didan tells the truth, somewhat. Now faced with new struggles, she makes her decision to protect the dragon pearl at all cost and to get revenge on the Parisoid. Then she collapses in Kairak arms and cries, while Didan looks and decides that it's better that she has been hardened.

Season 1 Episode:  KairakEdit

The history of Kairak is revealed and how he came to choose Reana as his Riyenas.

Season 1 Episode 2:  Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labyrinth of TerrehEdit

Season 1 Episode 4:  TaturangEdit

Season 1 Episode 5:  Hollan - FestivalEdit

Season 1 Episode:  ReihartEdit

A prolepsis of the near future unveils Reana being with Reihart out in a violent blizzard located in a ruined dragon temple, both wearing tattered cloaks. She cries for unknown reasons as he approaches her from nearby.

Season 1 Episode 6:  Hollan - CollapseEdit

Season 2 Episode 7: DortonEdit

Season 2 Episode: DarkEdit

Season 2 Episode 8: Yusladipol HarborEdit

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Season 2 Episode 9:  Great PlainsEdit

Season 2 Episode:  Kairak 2Edit

Season 2 Episode 10:  End of the WorldEdit




At an incredibly young age, Reana was able to repair a miniature music box all on her own; she is capable of fixing an automobile of new technology on her first try just from using her memory of records she previously read.[7] Not only is her skill as a technician comparable to a veteran's, her craftsmanship hailed her winner of a gun decorating competition. She has limitless knowledge on technology and its history.


Upon uttering the word 'purify' or 'purification' (정화, jeongwa) to invocate the spell, Reana can purify a dragon or person from impurities and corruption as long as their soul is still present. It can also save a Contractor already in the early stages of Blackthorn consummation. Though Purification is initiated by the Dragon Pearl, its raw energy is taken from the caster's life force; every time Reana uses Purification, she loses a portion of her life resulting in dizziness and exhaustion.

Since it deviates from a Riyenas' abilities, this ability can be utilized by a third party; Reana used Purification before she became a Riyenas. The ability purifies a dragon or person by sending their soul through the Blue Void (청색공간, Cheongsaekgonggan, lit. Blue Space) and cleanses whatever Reana believes is pollute;[8] once in the Void, it cannot be undone.


Dragon Pearl (용주, Yongju):  She can call forth the power of the Dragon Pearl (which is bounded to her left hand) to purify and destroy monsters possessing people or anything she believes need to be cleansed.

  • Tilla  (틸라, tilla): A general command that all Riyenas use to materialize Flame Veils into whatever image comes from their mind. The word 'Tilla' must be used first before they can use a specific command (ex.,"Tilla: Armum" for defense).
    • Tilla.Ritora (틸라.리토라, tilla ritora):  This ability allows Reana to recreate the last Flame Veil form she summoned.
    • Tilla.Armum (틸라.아르뭄, tilla areumum):  Reana can summon a shield on her left hand with the symbol of the dragon pearl. Its size and density changes from Reana's will.
    • Tilla.Telum (틸라.텔룸, tilla tellum):  This ability materializes the Flame Veils into a weapon that Reana is most familiar with (a spanner for her case).
  • Un.Plaga (운 플라가, un peullaga):  This command exterminates a large number of enemies by creating powerful blasts of Flame Veils shooting out from the dragon pearl symbol. This ability, however, comes with a risk of targeting anything and anyone within its range, whether they are friend or foe.
  • Breath of Life:  When a Riyenas exhales onto a gem, it can either become a healing stone that instantly heals life-threatening injuries, or become the Core of a Dragon Artifact. Reana can also exhale into someone's mouth to inject her aura into them to prolong their life.

Despite her lack of combat experience and knowledge about the Dragon Pearl's command utilities, she can naturally use the Dragon Pearl with ease. Didan and Karin, respectively, were aghast when they find out that Reana can use the Dragon Pearl and Dragon Artifact fairly easily given the small knowledge she has about dragons.


Moonlight-Slicing Sword (달빛을 가르는 검, Dalbicheul Gareuneun Geom):  Reana became the owner of the Second-Class Dragon Artifact because she wanted to experience being a Contractor. When she first uses the Sword as a weapon, unfortunately her body's state was not stable enough for her to utilize it well; it is unknown what further capabilities she has with the Moonlight-Slicing Sword.



Reana develops a deep relationship with Kairak throughout the story. After Reana's first encounter with Kairak, she starts to treat him as a younger brother. Reana has faith in him, and believes that he would never be a horrible person.

Later in the story, romantic feelings have developed between both Reana and Kairak, though not as strong as Kairak's. Despite this, Reana wants Kairak to leave for his and the world's sake while Kairak does not feel the same about it. This makes quite an awkward situations as Reana tries to calm her feelings and Kairak tries to talk her into staying with him forever.

After falling in love, Reana instantly tries to keep her feelings in check. She tries to stay in crowded areas and objects to Kairak's usual displays of affection. She cares for Kairak's well-being very much and admits that she does not regret meeting him and could never hate him on several occasions. She becomes very used to his close proximity and is aware that he spends the nights in her room, watching over her. She knows that getting too close to Kairak would make her feelings clear to him.


Reana's advisor and servant of the Dragon Pearl. The two clash sometimes about their views and belief in regards with Dragons and society. Reana sometimes put Didan's ideas aside because she cannot support his beliefs.

Prince Reihart Frihanov CantaréEdit

Throughout the first season, he and Reana encounter one another a couple (bad) times in the story, though Reana manages to get away. She is strongly cautious and fearful of Reihart because all of their first encounters would result of the prince attacking them (Reana and Kairak leaving Middle; saving Vicepent from the criminal Black Chain mob). Reihart has his Akoom spy, Dark, to keep tabs on her at a safe distance.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Reana becomes downright terrified of him when he tries to clarify their situation in Episode 8. After Reihart finally explains and tells her that he'll bring her to Itir, Reana declares how much she resents him for his past actions.

Initially, Reana is impassive only around him; she dislikes how Reihart stays in unnecessary close proximity to her in order to protect her from harm, often stepping back or stiffening whenever he walks up to her. Though Reihart becomes infatuated by Reana during the second season, she does not return his feelings and does not know of them.

He later becomes her 'fiancé' in order to cover the slave collar scandal. As they continue to be together, she becomes accustomed to his presence (unbeknownst to the both of them).

Up to date she has not utter his name.

Karin KirinEdit

Karin is extremely rude to Reana (inwardly) when they first met because she is bitter by the mere fact that a human has become a Riyenas. Karin then becomes Reana's escort for travel to meet Munyak and find the parasitoid as she is assigned by the Imugi Elders to 'help' the Riyenas. Though Karin plans to use Reana's naivity for her own uses, she develops genuine feelings of care for her yet denies them.

Akoom from Vicepent


Duke West Stravin


King Loenkant Frihanov PachelEdit

Unbeknownst to Reana, he is the parasitoid who injured Kairak and hijacked Roy's body. He is the only person who Reana wants to personally slaughter with her own hands. Throughout the story, one of Reana's main goals is to find the identity of the parasitoid and find him.

Marquess Eren RochardEdit

Penny SyllanEdit

Penny is the librarian from Vicepent who helps out with the book

Professor Ras FortéEdit

Reana had a close relationship with her brother as a child before they were separated to their respective parent. She understands him as having difficulty dealing with people when everyone else sees his behavior as rude.

Ralton EliasEdit

Reana thinks of Ralton as a good but disorganized man. He has amorous feelings for Reana and is not shy wanting to be close to her. Because of his kind personality, Ralton helps Reana out during their chance meeting in Dorton despite her being a complete stranger to him (due to Didan erasing his memories).

Roy FortéEdit

Reana loves her father dearly and cares for his well-being. Reana is willing to venture out to find the parasitoid who killed him. The memories she has of him cause her pain. She worked in his factory and would run it while he made deliveries. After his death, Reana is no longer able to drink tea as it dearly reminds her of him.


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Princess Elise FrihanovEdit

Less than four years old, Elise mistaken Reana as her mother because of her white hair; Elise was told that her (deceased) mother had white hair. As Reana is good with children, she babysits and cares for Elise, treating her like a princess she is.

Professor Luna FortéEdit

Her estranged mother. She is shocked and saddened when Luna tells her that she does not feel sympathy for Roy's and Ras's death. Because of this, Reana becomes 'distant' to her mother.

Unknown AkoomEdit

An Akoom who appears in Reana's dream before she is condemned at the stake.

Warrant Officer MillankaEdit

Millanka was one of the few that Reihart entrusted to take care of Reana in Dorton. Their time spent together made Millanka genuinely care about Reana and worry about the circumstances surrounding her.


  • Shin Weol (creator of AitW) created her name by altering the English name Reina (Spanish for queen, derived from Latin word rēgina); her last name is taken from the musical term, forte (from the Latin word fortis; strong). Weol describes her name as "an iron hand in a velvet glove"—someone who seems to be gentle but is in fact firm and determined.
  • She is around 17-18 years old, 163cm tall and weighs 48kg at the start of the series; she has not had her coming-of age rites yet.
  • Her birthday is in the second month.
  • Words that describe her are:  serene, kind, quiet, pure, and affectionate.
  • What is life to her:  to live.
  • She may have poor naming sense.
  • She is the second known human to become a Riyenas, after Pahel the First.
  • In Welsh, Reana (Re-ana) means a great and sacred queen. In Irish, Reana (Ree-na) means love and caring.


  • May tomorrow be as happy and peaceful as it was today.
  • (To Kairak)  "Why did you just watch and let it happen?! If someone is in danger, you should help them!"
  • (To Didan) "If one life is equivalent to one world, then saving one life is the same as saving one world. I like the sound of that."
  • (To Reihart)  "You really are cold-blooded, aren't you!! You have absolutely no feeling of anger! As if it's something you should turn a blind eye on!! Even the Mirage Beasts have warmer blood than you!!"