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This article contains content that have yet to appear in the scanlations. Spoilers beware.
Biographical Information
Korean 라흐타녹스
Occupation Dragon of Darkness
God of the Akoom
Status Unknown (presumed dead)
Physical Traits
Race Dragon
Gender Male
Hair Color Long
Affiliation Akoom
Season 1

Rahutanoks (라흐타녹스, Raheutanokseu) was a Dragon of darkness who, though sided and became god of the Akooms, was the indirect cause of their degeneration. He was the dragon that created the named Dragon ArtifactBow of Rahutanoks.


Though his silhouette is only briefly revealed, he is presented to have had long hair. His horns were reminiscent of Kairak's, of which they encircle upward.


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Centuries ago, Rahutanoks chose to affiliate with the Akoom as he believed that their good nature would lead the betterment of the world. He had even accepted one as his Riyenas.

As the creator of the Darkness element, he was given the title of the Dragon of Darkness and became god of all Akooms. The creation of the Bow of Rahutanoks was made for the protection of his Riyenas—its contract required its Contractor to be a commendable Akoom who would protect his Riyenas with valor.

Rahutanoks' choice of siding the elven race led to their disastrous downfall. The Imugi, furious of another race as Riyenas, schemed and made many Akoom humanized. The newly humans were more selfish with an act of free will. Furthermore, Humans who began to set foot on Dialadeu captured many as slaves.

Afflicted by the tragic events, he flew north to the 'Ends of the World' where no being has stepped foot on and hid there in grievance. It is said from Akoom folktales that the dragon's body is still located at there.


He is known to be the dragon who created the Darkness element. Since he was patriotic toward the Akoom, he exclusively made them the only race to utilize Darkness-type Dragon Artifacts.


  • He was the dragon before Munyak.