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Biographical Information
Korean 피마
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Akoom
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black
Family None
Affiliation None
Abilities None
Equipment None
Season 1
Chapter None

Pima (피마, Pima) is a First-Class Dragon Knight, carrying the title of a second lieutenant in the Killavin Platoon.


Pima has black eyes and short, grey hair with fringes parted from the left. Her short stature and quiet manners mistakenly gives her a timid impression. She is usually seen wearing the standard Dragon Knight uniform that consists of white pants, a grey shirt that has a clerical collar (although the kingdom is not religious) and black knee-high boots.

When on official Killavin business, Pima dons the First-class Dragon Knight's black jacket and hat. The jacket, a sleeveless tabard cape cut to the waist with a hood that is white on the inside with white trimmings, is made from Mirage Beast leather with a gold clasp located at the sternum area. The hat, also made out of Mirage Beast leather, is styled like a Balmoral bonnet with a voluminous flat crown tilted to the right with two ridges each on one side, the brim white in color.


Despite having a quiet and frail-like demeanor, she is dangerous with a short temper; when people underestimate and annoy her, she breaks their bones and limbs. Pima is not someone to take lightly of.


Not much is known about her past.


Season 1 Episode 3:  Labryinth of TerrehEdit

Season 1 Episode 6:  Hollan - CollapseEdit

Season 2 Episode 7:  DortonEdit

Season 2 Episode 9:  Great PlainsEdit


She is known to have inhuman strength as she is capable of breaking a strong man's limbs.

Although never shown, her skills are considered high as she is a First-Class Dragon Knight. She also carries the rank of second lieutenant in the Killavin Platoon (킬라빈 소대, Killabin Sodae).


Captain Lupenin Laiden


Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré

Warrant Officer Milanka


  • Although not yet proven, it is heavily implied that she is an Akoom.
  • Shin Weol (creator of Abide in the Wind) initially created her as a Second-Class Dragon Knight with black hair at a shorter length.



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