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Parasitiods are remains of an insane/corrupt dragon. (Also called Parasites for English understanding) They are monsters that develop after a dragon goes insane and their power goes rampant. They spread through the land in the form of monsters the color of dried blood.

---These monsters can be in the inside or on the outside of a dragons body.

In the case of Mu-nyak: Her Parasites roam the land possessing people and are used by antagonists to make themselves more powerful. Parasites from her can use some of her magic when they use her name.

Rahutanok: He has become a giant parasite, his form sometimes literally dissolves into a hazy human shaped red blob. He is powerful even though he is infected.

In the case of Kairak: Bad thoughts, violent thoughts or depression can also lead to parasite like symptoms. The inside of Kairaks dragon pearl is slowly dyed red with emotional upset. This allows him to deviate from acting like a traditional dragon without making actual Parasites. He does not seem to need parasites to deviate anyway ---

Parasites do not cause a dragon to turn into a mindless monster. They retain their beauty and humanoid forms when they want to take them. Both officially diseased dragons can still speak, manipulate, fight and change the world for their purposes.

However that purpose changed from "build the world" to "enjoy the chaos" after they were affected.

The actual parasites are a menace to everyone. Parasites are seen attacking children, bystanders and they band into larger groups to kill knights and other threats to them

Human form Parasites: People who have their mind and body stolen. The persons body eventually is melted by the parasites power.

Monster form Parasites: Large teeth, red bodies, very heard to kill or track. Reanas goal is to find the one who killed her father. They can float and move quickly.

Didan says no dragon has tried to kill parasites before because they are not interested in interfering with the world after it is done being built.

Since parasites are part of the dragon they came from there is a chance one of the dragons would have to be killed to get Reanas revenge.