The story follows a young eighteen year old girl named Reana Forté whom accidentally comes across a young static dragon named Kairak whom is poisoned and his manipulative servant, Didan. Once Reana heals Kairak, unknown to her the strongest power in the universe, The Dragon's Pearl is within her, resulting in Kairak having to be by her side, to prevent Kairak from get contaminated by the ill wills of humans. The longer Kairak stays with Reana and her father however, the Parasitoid, the regents of an insane dragon left behind, comes after Reana for the pearl and results in possessing her father's body, which results in his death. Though she tries to save him, it all fails when everything she cared for goes in flames. Now Reana travels the world in search for answers and Revenge for her deceased father, traveling with the cause of the end of her happy regular life Kairak, whom will be fully matured in a year. So, how can Reana find what she wants without without trouble? Without everybody after her for an unknown power she doesnt know nothing about? And how can she not fall for the dragon whom is constantly trying to win her over?


Reana Forté: An eighteen year old protagonist who controls the powers of the dragon pearl.

Kairak: The last dragon on Earth. Kairak has the power to mend and end the world if he choose so.

Didan: The servant of Kairak whom only plans to use Reana for the goals of protecting the dragon pearl. But in reality, has his own agendas. He was once a man who tried to kill the dragons, as a result his soul is now sealed with the dragon pearl until Kairak leaves the world.

Roy Forté: The father of Reana, whom dies after the Parasitoid takes possesion of his body. He was married to a former Akoom named Luna.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré: 4th Prince of the kingdom whom plans to overthrow his father. After Reana for the power she has. He seeks revenge from the royal family for the death of his mother, 2nd queen, and late step brother, former 3rd Prince.

Kirin Karin: A royal Imugi whose goal is to control Reana for the dragon pearl's power. Her main goal is to find her brother.

Kirin Mugi: A royal Imugi whom tried to woo Reana thinking she was the dragon and resulted in Kairak attacking him. He later disappears after a fight with the prince.

Ralton Elias : A amateur reporter who tries to find the hunters for his news article.

Hick: Servant to Ralton's family. First Akoom, first pointy-eared human spieces, mentioned in the story.

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Literary DevicesEdit

Flash-forward or Prolepsis is used throughout the whole story by showing readers parts of a scene from the future.

  • Kubera, a webtoon written and drawn by Currygom, also use this technique when depicting scenes of Leez, the main character of the Kubera, from the future.

Flashbacks is used to gain a further insight of a character's motivation and conflict in the story.

  • The most prominent example of this is Kairak's flashback in chapter 18.

Stream of Conscience or Interior Monologue is used many times throughout the story by different characters to express their thoughts to the readers; each with variety of reactions and tone.

Foreshadowing can be seen throughout the story as hints to what might happen to the characters or events.

Motif are symbols, elements, ideas, or concepts that are present throughtut the story.