The Noble Houses of the kingdom of Earthside have various roles in the governmental, military and social aspects of the country's society. Though the Three Retainer Families are currently the most famous and prestigious of all the noble families, there are other family houses whose ancestries have also carved into the histories of the kingdom.


The Three Retainer FamiliesEdit

Awarded for their recognition during The War of Independence, the three close retainers who fought with Pahel the First were given noble status in the kingdom. The three members are the only ones who knew of Loenkant’s status as Riyenas and have known of the existence of Dragons and Imugi. Each of them (except one) were given eternal youth through unknown methods.

Stravin FamilyEdit

The Stravin family were headed by West Stravin. He was known as the close advisor to the king during The War of Independence and has remained in this position until his death. Prior to the war, the Stravins resided in the Old Continent until West took refuge in Dailadeu. After he joined the war and was one of the few who led the people to victory, he was given the title of duke for his astonishments and moved his remaining relatives to Earthside. Since the beginnings of the kingdom, the Stravins were the most influential family within the kingdom. West was the last remaining member of his family before his death in the Labyrinth of Terreh.

Rochard FamilyEdit

The Rochard family are well-known in the socialite society of the kingdom and are the main contributors in the merchant and slavery business. Their family history dates back three hundred years ago as pioneers who not only trafficked Dragon Artifacts, but also joined the Akoom slave trade. Currently headed by marchioness Tashia Rochard, a ruthless Contractor who fought in the war, her ‘grandson’, Eren Rochard, was the one who heightened the family’s fame by creating the Rochard brand.

Laiden FamilyEdit

Headed by Brac Laiden, the known members of the Laiden family are soldiers of the royal army with each their own rank. Brac Laiden himself personally fought many battles in the frontlines in The War of Independence. Laiden is the only retainer who did not accept eternal youth. Captain Lupenin Laiden from the Killavin Platoon is Brac's son and heir to the family.

Lower Noble HousesEdit

Though the Three Retainer Families outshines most of the nobles, there are other families who had deeper history with the New Continent. Their roots trace back from the earlier days of settlement when humans first began to emigrate from the Old Continent.


The Elias family were one of the few early pioneers centuries before The War of Independence occured. The most well-known member from the family is the historic explorer Ney Elias who played a significant role in history of recording information on Contractors. Like the other old famous families, their wealth came from their ancestors' trafficking of Dragon Artifacts and enslaving Akooms.

The recent generations have ceased ties with these traditions and have settled in agriculture in the southern regions. Unlike their ancestors, the current generation do not wholeheartedly agree with the Akoom slavery; their treatment towards the Akoom is unique unlike many slave owners of the current era. Ralton Elias comes from this family and is the current heir.


Like the Elias family, the early members of the Carter family migrated to Dialadeu and gained wealth from trafficking Dragon Artifacts and enslaving Akoom. Not much is known about the Carters. Edward Carter, a scholar from the Royal Academy, hails from this family.

Slavers Edit

Toon Edit










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