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Ney Elias
Biographical Information
Korean 네이 일라이어스
Occupation Explorer
Status Deceased
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Family Elias family
Affiliation Akoom
Jerat Empire

Ney Elias (네이 일라이어스, Nei Illaieoseu) was a famous explorer known for his book Dragon Artifact Contractors. He was also one of the predecessors of the Elias family, making him Ralton Elias's ancestor.


Centuries before Earthside became a kingdom when humans began to explore Dialadeu, Ney Elias travelled throughout the unfamiliar lands and recorded many of his findings in his journal entries. In his old recordings, it is known that Ney kept a good relationship with the Akooms despite living in an era that developed the booming of Akoom slavery. After much research, a few years later he published his book Dragon Artifact Contractors (용기계약자, Yonggigyeyakja, lit. Vessel Contractors).

Though long gone, Ney Elias's old work and journal entries are still referred by many and is regarded as a famous historic explorer. He becomes a huge influence to one of his current successors—Ralton Elias—whose ambition was to travel around the kingdom.


  • He is a reference to real life nineteeth century English explorer, Ney Elias.