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Named Dragon Artifacts (네임드 용기  Neimdeu Yonggi, lit. Named Vessel) are the rarest and strongest amongst all Dragon Artifacts. At maximum power, these items can rival that of a Dragon. Due to the limited number of named Dragon Artifacts, they are mysterious by nature.


In terms of power, named Artifacts are far more superior than majority of Dragon Artifacts. Unlike every Dragon Artifact, named Artifacts do not have a core created by a Riyenas and are very few in numbers. These Artifacts were directly enchanted by dragons themselves, thus are called named Artifacts (Bow of Rahutanoks, for example). Named Artifacts rival a Dragon's strength as they're embedded with a portion of their creator's power.


Named Dragon Artifacts equal a dragon's potential thus can injure a dragon and defend its Contractor from one. They differ in strength from regular Artifacts immensely—not only can the user attack their target from a long distance, they can also increase power output by fueling whatever element that coincides the Artifact's.


Once a named Dragon Artifact awakens for the first time, their appearance slightly changes from how it was as an ordinary item. Most of their detailed patterns are not preserved, and the. When not in use, named Artifacts transform into their core shape which resembles an eyeball.


The core is larger than most and resembles an eye. The color coincides with the Artifact's element.

Flame VeilsEdit

A widely known trait of named Artifacts are their thick and defined Flame Veils that differ in color than general Artifacts.


Rather than fulfilling a performance, named Artifacts requires the Contractor to carry out an ambition and must be in a certain state of emotion that coincides the desire; the Lance of Zainarak, for example, demands the Contractor to defeat the enemies in front of them with 'rage'; the Revolver of Kairak requests 'genuine devotion' to Reana's protection. Unlike general Artifacts where no other actions are further needed after ownership, Contractors must be in the condition of the named Artifact's set ambition for every use.

Named Dragon Artifacts are powerful tools beyond imagination and take an abundance of mentality to use, therefore are nigh impossible to contract; a human would become Blackthorn after one use (the same goes when manipulating one without a contract). The Contractor can only withstand using the named Artifact for long periods of time if their level of emotion or desire is tremendous.


See main article: Contractor

Contractors of named Dragon Artifacts have special abilities that greatly differ from Contractors of general Artifacts. Visual information is automatically given to the Contractor for better calculation when aiming a target by gathering environmental conditions and so on.

The Contractors become sensitive to auras related to Dragons; they can tell from touch whether an item is a Dragon Artifact and even sense a Dragon Pearl nearby with pinpoint accuracy of its whereabouts.

They can also freely manipulate the Flame Veils to their liking, forming words for communication and such. They can also ascend into the sky by using an abundance of Flame Veils to propel themselves into the air, enabling them to take flight.

List of Known Named Dragon ArtifactsEdit

Named Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Dragon Description Contract Contractor
Lance of Zainarak (Fire) Zainarak

Type: Lance

Destructive power

Rage to defeat the enemies. Reihart Frihanov Cantaré(formerly)  •  Yugi(formerly)
Armor of Altum (Earth) Altum Type: Armor

Creates a protective covering around its user

— — Mugi  •  Charin(formerly)
Bow of Rahutanoks (Darkness) Rahutanoks Type: Bow

Teleports anything it hits

Devotion to protect a Riyenas. Dark
Revolver of Kairak (Wind) Kairak Type: Revolver

Blasts energy

Genuine heart for Reana's protection. Reihart Frihanov Cantaré

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