In chapter 71, there is a song sung by Mr. Moonstruck for the opening of The 55th Vicepent Auctions. The lyrics for the performance are as followed:

“I’m walking on the road of dreams,

to meet my fated one…

The winds bless me with their songs…

and congratulate me.

O, you, who stands before me;

I am in awe of your beauty.

There is no meaning in life without you.

You are the only reason I exist.

You are the reason why I live to this day,

and are also the reason for my existence.

But morning comes and I awaken from this dream.

I realize my loneliness and cry.

I have nothing to fear if you are by my side.

In the absence of your presence,

I get sadder and sadder.

Money and land no longer matter to me.

It’s only fair… that I hope I never awaken…

and wish that this moment would be eternal.”

Though there is no name for this music piece, fans interpret this as “Kairak’s song” as it may describe his feelings for Reana.