Known as Mirage Beast Hunters (환수 사냥꾼, Hwansu Sangyangkkun, lit. Restitutory Hunter), they are widely believed as one of the original native dwellers of the land, and were Contractors long before Kingdom of Earthside was established.


As their name suggests, they hunt Mirage Beasts for trade—notably their hide. They are not social with society, only keeping secret to themselves and rarely showing their faces to people they are not acquainted to. Hunters do not have a friendly relationship with Dragon Knights; whenever Dragon Knights will travel to their current destination, Hunters would relocate to avoid conflict.

It is revealed in Season 1 Episode 2 that Mirage Beast Hunters are Imugi, one of the strongest and most influential Mirage Beasts. Working under Karin, an Imugi Kirin, they are the providers of goods for Python Enterprise.


Like Dragon Knights, their uniforms are made of Mirage Beast hide—a highly sought material known to be resilient against sharp blades—that is dyed to blend in with forests for better hunting.

Mirage Beast Hunters


Known MembersEdit

Image Name Dragon Artifact
Ise Ise Sphere of Volume (Light)
Biramu Biramu (presumed dead) Comb of Injections
Ragi Raggi (Presumed dead) Accreting Rope