Middle western frontier

A view of Middle at a distance

The Industrial Town Middle (공업도시 미들, Gongeopdosi Mideul), usually referred as Middle, is a small mining town located in the north-west of kingdom of Earthside near the Karal Mountain Ranges. It is also the hometown of the main protagonist, Reana Forté.


Though Earthside is almost a century old, Middle was only colonized less than five decades ago, pioneered during the generation of Reana's father, Roy Forté. Located at the outskirts of the Karal Mountain Ranges and the Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts, the towering view of the snow-capped mountains can be seen everywhere in Middle. Due to the mines located near the town's vicinity, they are rich with high quality abundance of minerals. Many of its technicians are highly skilled craftsmen. Its most recent installment of the railroads has further increased the small town's popularity throughout the kingdom.


Middle culture

People of Middle

As Middle is a mining town filled with technicians, many of Middle's citizens are hardworkers, thus slaves are not utilized in this region and their attires are of plebian fashion. Every townspeople are friendly to one another; though there are many guilds, fierce rivalries are not present. Being a small town, nearly every townspeople know one another and news tend to spread quickly among them. Poverty is not an issue in this town.

Since Middle is located near the borders of Earthside, it is uncommon for a Dragon Knight to visit the area thus it is a rare chance to see one. However this does not mean the citizens rarely see Contractors; the town does frequently trade with Mirage Beast Hunters since their main headquarters—Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts—is located not far away from Middle.

Public AreasEdit

Middle PlazaEdit

Middle Plaza (미들 광장, Mideul Gwangjang) is the town's main open public space where its community gatherings is centered. Its main attractions are the shops encircling the plaza and the monument statue placed at its center. Located at the heart of Middle, it is circular in shape and is surrounded by many open markets and various small shops. The plaza can also be used for parades and demonstrations and is decorated during major festivities. The train station is located not too far away from the plaza.

Industrial DistrictEdit

Middle's Industrial District (공업지구, Gongeopjigu) is the town's center focus since the region is famous for its skilled technicians. It is located right next to Middle Plaza. The district is characterized of many giant warehouses of heavy industrial structures, clustered with many craftsmen guilds.

Railway StationEdit

The railroad system is a new advancement in technology from recent years with only few stations built across Earthside for easier transportation. Initially taking a month to travel to the capital from Middle on horseback, it now takes five days with the railroads. The train station in Middle has only opened for a year and is close to Middle Plaza within walking distance.


Oddly enough, a residential area is located further away from the town. The townspeople residing in the area would use wagons to transport to the bustling town.

Middle castle

Middle Castle

Middle CastleEdit

Middle Castle is the private residence of the town's lord. The building resembles the traditional fortified stone structure and is located atop of hills overlooking Middle. Its spacious numerous rooms can house important guests, nobles in particular.


Middle dragon temple

Dragon temple located at Middle during sunset

Dragon TempleEdit

Long ago, the Akoom civilization (one of the natives of the land) built sacred temples throughout Dialadeu to worship the Dragons, Middle having one on its quieter areas. The temple's preservation suggests that it is currently managed with care by the townspeople.  Small stone piles are seen around the temple created by Middle's townspeople; this action follows the Akoom's old tradition of wishing on a flat stone then stacking it on a pile.

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