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Luper Magwary
Luper (tiny)
Biographical Information
Korean 루퍼 막와리
Occupation Caretaker of Vicepent's warehouses
Status Unknown
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Penny Syllan
Season 1
Chapter Ch.68 - Taturang (3)

Luper Magwary (루퍼 막와리, Rupeo Magwari) is the caretaker of Vicepent's warehouses. He bears a stricking resemblance to Luper Taitarang  and is a colleague of Penny Syllan. His fate is unknown after he is hit in the head from members of Black Chain after he discovered one of their hidden stash of explosives.


Season 1 Episode 4: TaturangEdit


  • He is nicknamed "Little Luper".