Abide in the Wind is a Korean webtoon series that was published every Thursday (Wednesday in the western hemisphere) on COMIC NAVERLone Manga currently provides English scanlations on their website, though we strongly encourage readers to visit the original Korean site to support the series' creator, Shin Weol, with view counts. A recent announcement from LINE Webtoon reveals that they are considering to add Abide to its list in the near future.

As of September 2015, the series is complete with two Seasons; ten Episodes; 180 chapters. An epilogue shows brief details of the main characters' fates years after the end of the story. Weeks after its finale, Episode 1 was only made viewable to the public while the rest of the chapters can only viewed by purchase through the NAVER store.

WARNING: Some pages may contain future chapter contents to those who haven't read further into the story. Beware of spoilers.

Episode 1:  리옌나스  Riyenas

Episode:  카이락  Kairak

Episode 2:  푸른 환수의 숲  Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts

Episode:  랄튼  Ralton

Episode 3:  테레의 미궁  Labyrinth of Terre

Episode  스트라빈  Stravin

Episode 4:  타트랑  Taturang

Episode:  카린  Karin

Extra 4컷특집

Episode 5:  홀란: 축제  Hollan - Festival

Episode:  리이할트  Reihart

Episode 6:  화란: 붕괴  Hollan - Collapse


Episode 7:  도르튼  Dorton

Episode:  다크  Dark

Episode 8:  항구 유스라디플  Yusladipol Harbor

Episode 9:  대평원  Great Plains

Episode:  카이락 2  Kairak 2

Episode 10:  세계의 끝  End of the World

Epilogue  에필로그


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