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Lexion Frihanov Latorio
Biographical Information
Korean 렉시온 프리하노프 라토리오
Occupation First Prince of Earthside (formerly)
Head Commander of Tenth Dorton Expedition
Third Prince (formerly)
Status Deceased
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Loenkant Frihanov Pahel (father)
Unknown Mother
First Older Brother (deceased)
Second Older Brother (deceased)
Faltina Josephine (stepmother; deceased)
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (younger half-brother)
Affiliation Kaneta (adjutant)
Abilities Contractor
Equipment Unknown Dragon Artifact (First-Class; destroyed)
Lance of Zainarak (named Dragon Artifact; brief)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.15 - Riyenas (15) (flashback)
Ch.60 - Labyrinth of Terre (20)

Lexion Frihanov Latorio (렉시온 프리하노프 라토리오, Reksion Peurihanopeu Ratorio) was the previous first prince of the kingdom of Earthside and was the third son of King Pahel the First from his first wife and older half-brother of Reihart.  He was the head commander of the Tenth Dorton Expedition in the past, yet was incredibly kind and gentle.

Appearance Edit

Having had blonde hair and brown eyes, he wore his hair long like his father's.  He was usually seen with a gentle expression on his face.

He usually wore his clothes in somewhat of a messy manner since Kaneta berated him of buttoning his shirt properly.  His tunic was of the similar style to Reihart's, only it was black.  As the head commander-in-chief of the Tenth Dorton Expedition, he donned a jacket of authority with fringed epaulettes.


He is shown to be a kind and gentle person.  Despite becoming the head commander of the Tenth Dorton Expedition at one point in the past, he did not choose to capture Akooms when found in the Great Plains nor was he energetic for the role.  He had conversed with Kaneta on envisioning the kingdom in becoming an industrialized country to lessen the use of slaves.

He was also a caring brother, as he was shown to have advised Reihart in the past on his surroundings and to be cautious of the Chamber's informants.  He may also have been a doting brother; when he was examining newborn Reihart's picture, he was ecstatic and impatient on meeting his new half-brother.


Lexion's past is only shown in various characters' flashbacks as he is already dead when the series start.

Twenty-three years ago before the series began, a coup d'etat created by the king's two elder sons ensued within the palace.  Unfortunately it was a failure, and all the people involved in the betrayal were beheaded (the princes included), their heads shown on display.  Lexion, the third prince, had no part in the coup d'etat, however Duke West Stravin reduced his power to a minimum for cautious reasons.  It was at this time that Lexion's father, King Pachel, married a second wife and had a fourth son, Reihart Frihanov Cantaré.  Lexion then became the new commander for the Tenth Dorton Expedition.  His assistant, Kaneta (seventeen at the time), was a cadet who still hadn't graduated from the military.


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Not much is known of what he was capable of.  He did know of how the Chamber has more connections than let on (Dorton being one of its spies by relying information on the princes).


Since he was the head commander of the Tenth Dorton Expedition, he is a capable Contractor; it is stated that his Dragon Artifact was of First-Class.


Colonel Kaneta - His trustworthy assistant.  She seemed to have often berated him about his dress code.

Duke West Stravin

King Loenkant Frihanov Pachel - Not much is known about Lexion's relationship with his father.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - His half-brother from his father's second wife (step-mother).  They were incredibly close as Lexion personally taught him in many things.  Lexion also seemed to have doted on his younger sibling.  Because of the executions of his two older brothers, Lexion cared deeply about his half-brother, not wanting to have another brother die around him.  He was also on good terms with Reihart's mother.

Queen Faltina Josephine - His stepmother.  He had tried to save her from the fire, but failed to.


  • He was around in his thirties before he passed away.
  • According to Reihart, he was married at the age of thirty.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Kaneta)  "Look at this!  He's (Reihart) got peridot-colored eyes, just like the king!  Oh, this is my brother.  He's got sharp eyes for his age...Don't you think he's handsome?!  Ahh, I need to hurry and find time to go on a vacation so I can go visit him..."
  • (To Reihart)  "It's (the history textbook) saying that men born into the Frihanov family will not have luck with women for many generations to come."