Lance of Zainarak
Lance of zainarak
Item Information
Owner(s) Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (formerly) • Yugi (formerly)
Type Lance
Element Fire
Abilities Controls and projects fire
Contract To defeat enemies with rage
Season 1
Chapter Ch.11 - Riyenas (11)

The Lance of Zainarak (자이나라크의 창, Jainarakeuui Chang) is a powerful and aggressive named Dragon Artifact that is capable of matching a real Dragon at its maximum power.  It specializes in offensive attacks and is of the Fire element.

Overview Edit

The Lance of Zainarak was one of Itir's most treasured Dragon Artifacts and was only passed down to Imugi who had carried the title of Kirin.  Its last Contractor of Imugi descent was Yugi who had thrown it away during a battle against West Stravin.  Though it was then taken up by Prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio, the prince's mentality was too weak to contract the Artifact any further thus began to develop Blackthorn.  Reihart Frihanov Cantaré, Lexion's younger half-brother, then took up the Lance for his own possession and successfully became its owner.  The Lance is now currently owned by Earthside's Prince Reihart unbeknownst to the Imugi.

Appearance Edit

The lance's handle is red, with an elaborate curve with gold markings. Unlike many traditional lances, it lacks a vamplate. Its blade is red on either side, yet the centre is gold, and its core is red, embedded in a lighter section near the blunt portion of the blade.

Abilities Edit

Capable of matching a real dragon at maximum power, the Lance is an offensive Artifact that controls and projects fire and is matchless against many Artifacts.  Piercing a target with it would result in immediate obliteration.  It can also be thrown like a javelin for distant targets as shown with Flame Lance.

  • Aura Sensitivity:  The Lance allows its user to track the auras of Dragon Artifacts from a long distance (the furthest shown to be 300+ meters).  The Contractor can also sense the power of the Dragon Pearl within distance.
  • Ascension:  The Contractor can ascend into the air at a great distance with the use of the thick Flame Veils to propel themselves.  Carrying a person is possible.
  • Flame Lance:  After gathering nearby heat and fire to magnify the Lance's power, Reihart can attack a target from a long range.  Constructed by a hybrid of fire and destructive Flame Veils, it resembles a colossal lance from a distant view.

Contract Requirements Edit

The Contractor must battle and defeat their enemies with their own rage.


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