Biographical Information
Korean 라이에나르
Occupation Dragon of Light
God of Light (Old Continent)
Physical Traits
Race Dragon
Gender Female
Affiliation Akoom

Laienaru (라이에나르, Raienareu) was a Dragon of light who chose the Akoom as Riyenas. She is the originator of the Light properties of Dragon Artifacts. She is revered as 'the God of Light' in the Old Continent.


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Laienaru is known as the first dragon who chose the Akoom as Riyenas centuries ago over for their good nature. Both Didan, an able and skilfull warrior, and his brother, a sickly yet altruistic fellow, were chosen as candidates for the position. She chose the weaker sibling over the strong one. This decision led to the sickly brother's death by Didan's rage, who was eternally then cursed to the position of a Dragon's servant until their complete departure from the planet.


A religion is named after Laienaru in the Old Continent with her as its sole deity. Though not much is detailed in what its beliefs are, it is strongly implied that the Laienaru church still has strong supporters in the present day. As she is well-known in the Old Continent, it is unsure whether her influence traveled throughout the world or personally flew to the other side of the world.


  • It is strongly hinted that Laienaru was female since the chosen Riyenas was a male.
  • Though she is absent in the series, it is unknown if Laienaru has long ago left Earth but it is implied.


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