The Kingdom of Earthside (왕국 어스사이드, Wangguk Eoseusaideu), usually referred as Earthside, is a kingdom located in the upper parts of the New Continent ruled by the royal Frihanov family. It is the main setting of most of the events of the Korean webtoon series Abide in the Wind.



Native DwellersEdit

Before humans colonised Dialadeu, Akoom lived in the continent as the main race beside Imugi and the Dragon Rahutanoks. However, humans corrupted both Rahutanoks and his Riyenas, an Akoom turned human because of humanising experiments performed on Akoom. Since then, Akoom lost their power and rights in the New Continent, enslaved by humans.


Before the War of Independence, earlier colonists emigrated from the Old Continent to Dialadeu, the New Continent, and made their own progress. especially accomplishments belonging to the Elias and Carter families. Ney Elias recorded significant details regarding Contractors. Meanwhile, both families gained their wealth via Dragon Artifact trafficking and Akoom enslavement, however the Eliases have long since ceased both practises.

The War of IndependenceEdit

Earthside was under the tyrannical rule of the rulers of Jerat Empire. However, its people revolted, led by Loenkant Frihanov Pahel with West Stravin, Tashia Rochard, and Brac Laiden by his side. Pahel's three retainers were later rewarded with noble status for their contributions; these three families are known as The Retainer Families. Two of the three families and Pahel were granted life and youth beyond a normal human's, whereas Laiden did not accept eternal youth.

Frihanov RuleEdit

Under the long rule of Pahel, the Kingdom of Earthside allows slavery and has a large system of slave trade dominated by six families, primarily the Rochard family. There is also a treaty of sorts between the kingdom and the Imugi, with a general agreement not to interfere with each other's affairs, however the treaty is often abused.

Due to a failed revolt by the first and second princes, Pahel's children have little influence and role within the kingdom, thus their deaths are not viewed as high significance to the monarchy; the princes are sent to Dorton when they are in their early twenties, where surveillance over them decrease significantly.

Modern EraEdit

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind
Years after Reihart Frihanov Cantaré assumes leadership, he abolished Akoom slavery, increased the rights of women, and changed the kingdom's government to a parliament.




Political StructureEdit


Little of the kingdom's monarchy ever changes, given the kingdom's establishment to be less than a century old and Pahel's eternal youth, let alone his offsprings having close to no standing.


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind
Reihart develops a parliamentary to replace the monarchy.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Earthside has very strained relations with Imugi, maintained only by a treaty of sorts to mostly stay out of one another's affairs. Furthermore, the Imugis' Mirage Beast Hunters are one of the sole groups acknowledged as legal Contractors.

Akoom SlaveryEdit

For hundreds of years, Akoom are under the enslavement of humans. Conditions and treatment of them are poor and many slave owners and traffickers mistreat them brutally. Only very few treat them as normal.

With a decline in the pure Akoom's population, slave traffickers had begun to trick and enslave humans as well.


Royal ArmyEdit

Dragon KnightsEdit

See main article: Dragon Knights

Science and TechnologyEdit

Modern EraEdit





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