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Crest of the Killavin

The Killavin Platoon (킬라빈 소대, Killabin Sodae) is a group of First-Class Dragon Knights who are the main participants of the Northern Great Plains Expedition, also known as the Dorton Expedition. Their headquarters is stationed at Dorton.


It is a military unit infamously known as a nest of notorious Dragon Knights.

Though high commanding officers usually direct the Killavin, decades after The War of Independence, every so often they are led by one of the princes of Earthside when they turn coming of age.


Known MembersEdit

Image Name Military Rank Dragon Artifact
Captain Lupenin Laiden (First-Class) Adjutant; Captain Warrior Clubs (Earth)
Pima Pima (First-Class) Second Lieutenant — —
Millanka Millanka (First-Class) Warrant Officer Gloves of the Giant (Earth)
ColonelKaneta Kaneta (First-Class) • (former member) Cadet (formerly) • Second Lieutenant (formerly) • Captain (formerly) Flail Whip (Earth)