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Biographical Information
Korean 카린
Occupation Kirin
CEO of Python Enterprise
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Imugi
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Family Mugi (brother)
Tagi (brother)
Affiliation Imugi
Mirage Beast Hunters
Reana Forté
Abilities Imugi
Equipment Fan of the Striking Wind (Special-Class Dragon Artifact)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.17 - Riyenas (17) (brief cameo)
Ch.25 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (7)

Karin (카린, Karin) is one of the main characters of the series Abide in the Wind. She is a royal Imugi carrying the title of 'Kirin' along with her brother, Mugi. Karin is the CEO of Python Enterprise, a large trading company run mostly by Mirage Beast Hunters and the residents of their village.


Karin is an intelligent, ambitious, deceptive, rebellious, and rash person. Her role as a Kirin (기린의, Girin) cause her to act superior towards other races; such as Akooms and Humans. Due to the near extinction of her race, Karin is willing to follow through her mission to become a Riyenas, through any means neccesary, to ensure the survival of her race. Since Reana became one instead Karin intends to control Reana to fulfill this survival-based purpose. Despite her intention, Karin does shows signs of displaying genuine kindness and concern towards others; specifically towards Reana, after she freed Karin from the control of Eren Rochard.

She hates humans in general and the fact that Imugi must keep a low profile in human populated cities and towns.

Karin is very wealthy and well connected so she thinks she can control Reana by helping her travel in order to spy on her.

Karin loves her brother, Mugi, very much. He is docile around her and seems more relaxed than her. He would usually get her out of trouble during their younger years.


Karin is a youthful female of above average height. She has long black hair, pinned up in a bun, golden yellow eyes with slit-shaped pupils, favors the color red though most of the series and always wears a short dress with long sleeves. White fur around her neck is not always worn, it seems to be for her travel/work wear. She has golden snake-like eyes and black hair always in a fancy hair style of some kind.

Imugi age slower than humans do; Karin looks to be in her mid-twenties but is actually around sixty years old.


Sixty years prior to Abide in the Wind, Karin was a nameless Lyn who was the first to hatch within a group of Imugi eggs. She had already developed a superior view of her own race; when many other newborn Uduks gathered around her, she was disgusted at the fact that the weaker Imugis were her siblings and killed them until one was left. Before she slaughtered the last Uduk, another Lyn Imugi was born. Servants then rushed to the horrific scene and locked her away.

As the elders were unsure whether to dispose her for killing her own kin, Charin, a veteran Kirin, lectures the newborn Lyn of protecting the weak rather than wiping them out.

Fifteen years later, she is given the name "Karin" for her acheivements. She was immediately given her first mission outside of Itir of recording the activities of wandering Mirage Beasts with a partner, her other Uduk sibling whom she did not kill years ago in the Hatchery.


Season 1 Episode 1:  RiyenasEdit

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Close Combat:  Karin is adept with close combat and is much stronger compared to the other lower ranked Imugis. She is shown to be capable of physically taking down a Dragon Knight using her Dragon Artifact. 


As the owner of the Special-Class Dragon Artifact, Fan of the Striking Wind (내치는 바람의 부채, Naechineun Baramui Buchae), she can control the direction of the wind she creates. She uses it to jump or float long distances. One of the strongest techniques she is shown to use is creating a twister, however since she was underground, the scale of power was undetermined.

Imugi FormEdit

In her original form, Karin is a black colored serpent. She has two small black horns extending out of her head with red marking above her eyes. Rows of white spiked teeth on her upper and lower jaw. Multiple black fins with pink webbings cascading down her spine. Her third eye is visible on her forhead.  
  • Poison Fangs:  Karin's fangs eject a special black poison that cause the victim to secret the same substance and blood where body fluids are normally present; such as the eyes and the 

Human-Snake Form


In this form, Karin's appearance is that of a Lamia. Her scales turned into a crimson color from the hip down and gradually black near the end of her tail. She has small red scales at the side of her breasts and on her shoulders, black fins with beige webbing from her head and down along her spine, and a reddish brown protocercal tail. Karin's hands and arms are black, which fades out near her biceps.

  • Partial Transformation:  Kairin is able to turn her upper torso and head back into her human form. She is able to use some of her abilities, that she uses as a snake, without having to fully transform into her snake form.



Her younger brother, considering that she hatched before him. He is more soft-spoken and quiet than his sister. Growing up, Karin would usually get into trouble most of the time and Mugi would break her out. Once she finds out about his disappearance in Episode 4, she makes it her mission to get revenge. She is constantly thinking about him after his whereabouts.

Reana FortéEdit

At first, Karin hated and despised her due to the face that she became Riyenas, but Karin calms down about this later after realizing that Reana is Kairak's Riyenas. Karin's elders orders her to watch Reana, much to her dismay. During those times, she usually tries to take advantage of Reana's kindness to test out her theories about human greed and nature. Though the more time she spends with her, the more she begins to see that Reana is truly kind.



She and Didan clash and banter a lot.

Duke West StravinEdit

Elder NanwuEdit

Karin seems to resent him. However she never disobeys him.



Once Karin learns that there is dragon in the village, she hopes that it would be a girl so she will not spend most of her own time as a Riyenas (as she has a company to run). It is assumed that if Reana was not in the picture, then Karin would have become Riyenas instead of her. Karin only sees Kairak as a tool for his power. Karin and Kairak have never even had a conversation. Kairak is suspicious of Karin using Reana and eventually distances the two from each other. By Episode 5 Karin is around a lot less and actually stays on a different hotel floor than the pair.

Mamagi & MamarinEdit

Marquess Eren RochardEdit


Karin's other younger brother who was not born as a Lyn. Though he is loyal to her and calls her 'sister', she sees him as a low life since he was born as an Uduk.


Like Eren Rochard, Karin is not on good terms with the Toons (especially Walla Toon) since they are rivals in the merchant business.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Prince Reihart Frihanov CantaréEdit

Karin loathes Reihart since he is the cause of Mugi's imprisonment.


  • She is 168cm tall (heels add 10cm), weighs at 52kg, and is over sixty in human years.
  • Words that describe her are:  capable, endeavor, success, and competence.
  • A character poll that was placed in Weol's blog showed that Karin was in third place.
  • Many fans ship Karin and Reana.


  • (About Reana)  A mere human dares to be Riyenas...?!
  • To be honest, I'm the one holding the Imugi together...Those Elders only huddle back in Itir while trying to sweet-talk us into obtaining the Dragon's powers. What have they done for our race?!