Karinicon "It seems we have an intruder, Mugi. I think discipline and a slave collar should do."
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Biographical Information
Korean 카네타
Occupation Colonel
Terre's Chief of Defense
Dragon Knight (First-Class)
Captain (formerly)
Second Leiutenant (formerly)
Cadet (formerly)
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Burgundy
Eye Color Black
Family Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Brother
Affiliation Janna (Slave)
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré
Reana Forté
Abilities Contractor
Equipment Flail whip (First-Class Dragon Artifact)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.42 - Labyrinth of Terre (2)

Kaneta (카네타, Kaneta) is a First-Class Dragon Knight with the rank of a colonel, currently Terreh's Chief of Defense.  In the past, she was chosen as Prince Lexion's aide for the Tenth Dorton Expedition at the age of seventeen.


Kaneta has black eyes and short burgundy hair with a thin build.  Due to her intake of Black Eye, she has pale skin and dark circles under her eyes, making her looking older than she really is (thirty-nine years old).

Like other Dragon Knights, Kaneta wears the standard uniform consisting of white pants and black knee-high boots and a grey shirt with a clerical collar (although the kingdom is not religious).  As a First-class Dragon Knight, she has a sleeveless black tabard cape cut to the waist made of Mirage Beast leather with a gold clasp by the front and a hood that is white on the inside with white trimmings; she dons a black Mirage Beast leather hat styled like a Balmoral bonnet with a voluminous flat crown tilted to the right with two ridges each on one side, the brim white in color.



At the age of seventeen, Kaneta was chosen as assistant to the new head commander of the Tenth Dorton Expedition.  She was a cadet then and not yet graduated from the military academy.  Although she was skeptical of the decision at first, she quickly accepted her duty after meeting the commander, Prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio.

Over the coming years she proved herself as the prince's assistant.  They had often rode along the Great Plains alone and conversed with one another.  One day, the prince voiced his own opinion of industrializing kingdom Earthside as it would not only help advance the country, but also decrease the use of slaves.  They then found young Akooms in a makeshift trap created to capture their race for enslavery; Prince Lexion requested Kaneta to help him shelter the Akooms from harm.

Unfortunately the young Akooms they rescued were found by the slavers and were taken away from Kaneta's authority.  Only one female Akoom with orange hair (Janna) who had hidden herself was left.  Kaneta, disappointed in herself for not having enough power to protect the others, offered Janna a home.

A couple years later, Kaneta is seen in a camp located in Terreh with Janna doing work ordered by other soldiers.  Kaneta then received shocking news that the queen is dead after visiting her home, and that Prince Lexion - who had accompanied the queen - is blamed for her death and is ousted as prince.  Although there wasn't enough information on what happened, Kaneta is told that the prince had used a Dragon Artifact and has entered the later stages of Mind Corruption.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 3:  Labyrinth of TerrehEdit

Introduced as Terreh's Chief of Defense, Kaneta is initially shown severely disciplining her Akoom slave, Janna, in public for being late.  Before she is able to flay her slave the second time, Reana takes action and saves the Akoom from another attack.  Both Reana and Kaneta have a dispute on the treatment of Akooms, with Kaneta arguing how the race are inferior and should be subjected to slavery.  She continues on by mocking how the region where Reana was born is "too poor to afford slaves of their own" and directly affronts Reana saying she would have purchased her as a slave if it weren't for her round ears.  Noticing that Kairak's ears are heavily covered by his hair, she is interrupted by West who asks for her permission to enter the Labyrinth.  Later that night, Kaneta is shown viciously abusing Janna out of stress, briefly remembering a soldier from years ago (it is hinted that the soldier is Lupenin Laiden, although the contents are unknown).

A brief flashback from Janna reveals that Kaneta was once a kind person who was, in truth, generous to Akooms in her younger years.  She had also worked under the same man shown in Reihart's memory.

Days later, Kaneta is on duty in the Labyrinth when she finds a new small entrance to the underground area and orders Janna to infiltrate to know where it leads.  When Kaneta arrives at the main entryway to the subterranean Labyrinth, she is given the order to withhold all inspections until Count Stravin finishes his 'visit' in the underground maze.  When the entire domain tremors violently from the Guardians' wake, she takes action as Chief of Defense and orders the soldiers to follow her down the Labyrinth.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit

Kaneta is seen several months later in Yusladipol Harbor detaining a disturber in the crowds with her Dragon Artifact.  She then notices Prince Reihart among the throng with Reana beside him. Later when Reihart finds Reana taking care of a little girl at the military base, Kaneta appears with an anxious Janna by her side and explains to the prince that the child is Elise Frihanov, the only female in succession to the throne.

After giving information to Reihart in regards about the warehouses, Kaneta inquiries about Reana's identity, informing how people are talking of the prince's sudden appearance with an unknown girl and 'suspicions' of their relationship.  Reihart averts the topic concluding that he will give details after their reconnaissance.  Kaneta, wondering who she is, compares Reana to Reihart's mother as they both have the same personality.

Season 2 Episode 9:  Great PlainsEdit


As a First-Class Dragon Knight and serving the army for over two decades, Kaneta is an experienced fighter and commander earning herself the title of colonel and Terreh's Chief of Defense.

Contractor Edit

She uses her Dragon Artifact, a flail whip (a white rod with three brown thongs), with proficiency as she is able to fling a Labyrinth guardian at a distance.  However like other human Contractors, she is only able to use her Artifact under a time limit (one hour).


Duke West Stravin

Janna - Her Akoom slave.  She was kind to Janna during their first few years together, however became abusive towards the slave after taking Black Eye.  It is only after Reana cures Kaneta from Blackthorn that she becomes kind to Janna once again.  However, Janna asks Reana for help so that the Akoom herself could make her master ill again.

Prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio

Reana Forté

Waba Toon - She despises him as he threatened her in the past of smuggling Dragon Artifacts for the Toons from the Labyrinth, forcing her to illegally work for him for the years to come.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind
Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - She was the one to spot Reihart in the crowd outside in Yusladipol Harbor.  Because of her experience in the military, she becomes Reihart's aide.  Kaneta however does question a few things regarding Reihart's circumstances.


  • She may have had a crush on her commander, Prince Lexion, in the past.