Physical Yellow slit eyes

Numerous eyes (blotches in human form)
Fair skin
Fanged teeth

Other Contractors
Season 1
Chapter None

Imugi (이무기, Imugi) are the most influential Mirage Beasts and the progenitor of all Riyenas, the first in the position. The Imugi took the role of Riyenas very seriously because dragons were able to create powerful items called Artifact Dragon Artifacts. Their energy is also what allows their species and other Mirage Beasts to survive. Without the power of dragons, the Imugi race will die out.


They are one of the strongest species of all Mirage Beasts and were the ones who ruled the land before the Earthside kingdom was established. They have human forms, half beast forms, and beast forms. The strongest are of the royal line who became Riyenas throughout history. The Imugi have a lot of skill in utilizing Dragon Artifacts and were wealthy people before their population began to decline.

As powerful creatures, the Imugi age very slowly compared to humans; Karin is over sixty years old yet appears like a human in their twenties. It is speculated that Imugi can be centuries old.


Imugi that are capable of maintaining a human body since birrth are referred as Lyn . Their most distinctive trait are the numerous eyes disguised as markings on their human faces.


The Elders wear large colorful robes with pointed hoods, both of which are covered with a symbol of a beaten snake.

Kirin Edit

Imugi that are given the title of Kirin (기린, Gilin) are known to have three eyes unlike the majority of Imugi (the third on their forehead). They wear more elaborate clothing to show their status.


Uduk (어둑, Eoduk, lit. Dim) are weaker Imugi that do not have a human form. Their physique greatly reembles that of a regular Mirage Beast's. Uduk are capable of possessing a human's body as their vessel, thus they can talk and behave like a human, albeit their faces distorted. When they do perfect their human vessel's appearance, the vessel will defunct after leaving the Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts, hence most are positioned to stay there.

Appearances Edit


Progenitors of Riyenas Edit

Akoom Riyenas Edit

Human Population Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Imugi are based from the Korean legend of the Imugi, a mythological serpent that can become a full-fledged celestial dragon.
  • The Kirin title is a reference of the Qilin, a mythological chimerical creature of East Asian cultures known for bringing prosperity and serenity.

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