Physical Round ears

Colourful hair

Other Life force resembling to Dragon Pearl's

Short lifespan

Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
Humans immigrated to the New Continent 300 years prior to the star of Abide in the Wind. They overthrew the native dwellers by their sheer overpopulation and used the power of Dragon Artifacts to fight back against the Empire. They now spread all over the land that is now called Kingdom Earthside.


Humans are known for being greedy and selfish by the other species. However many personalities are seen in different areas from different people. Reana in particular is odd because she lacks self need and needlessly sacrifices herself without realizing.

Appearance  Edit

They appear very regular, but the only difference is that they can have oddly colored hair, in green, blue, white, and even bright red. Clothing for aristocratics - humans who have more wealth and importance than most - usually wear expensive fashion meant to show their status. The other (lower) classes dress fairly plebeian for work and comfort.

History Edit

Their origins came to be from the Akoom who have lost their "Light' thus humanized. Being lesser Akoom, humans have shorter lifespans and are no longer connected to nature and nor have the overkindness that Akooms are known for.

Unlike the Akoom who take years for an offspring to be born, humans grow faster in population and are less susceptible to diseases.

The humans that traveled to the New Continent gained power as the Imugi population declined; without the presence of a dragon and its power, the Imugi over time allowed the humans to take more land on more expeditions.

Kingdom Earthside have enslaved Akoom using technology and the Dragon Artifacts to seal collars to the Akooms necks, ensuring their compliance through pain. The Akoom population is declining, as a result of slavery, as well and their low status in society that even the remaining Imugis no longer respect them. Humans filled their society with machinery and advanced technology for over 300 years. The current kingdom now has blimps, trains, cars, and factories as a part of their advancement in technology.

Trivia Edit

  • Kingdom of Earthside is the only known human realm that rules in the New Continent.
  • Dragons had never chosen humans as Riyenas as they are the most greediest and weakest compared to other races.

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