EmbarrasedRalton "Oh dear, this is quite embarrassing... I really wish you were here to help me, Hick."
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Biographical Information
Occupation Slave
Status Deceased (presumed)
Physical Traits
Race Akoom
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Family Ralton Elias (Hick's Master)
Affiliation Elias family
Reana Forté
Abilities Contractor
Equipment Guide Needles (Dragon Artifact)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.19 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (1)
To protect the [Elias] bloodline and to serve my Master. I need to observe [Reana].


Hick (힉, Hik) was an Akoom slave of the noble Elias family who was appointed to be the personal servant of their heir, Ralton Elias.  He was the Contractor of the Dragon Artifact, Guide Needles.

Appearance Edit

Hick wore a dark blue headband, brown rag shirt, black pants, and a black slave collar with metal braces on his arms and ankles.


Hick was a reserved, calm, and cautious figure, overprotective of his master Ralton and suspicious of nearly anyone else who approached them.

As a slave, he had developed a submissive demeanor, but never hesitated to argue for Ralton's safety, though he would never go directly against his master's wishes.

Being of Akoom descent, Hick had a comprehensive knowledge of dragons and how the world came to be from Akoom folklore; he had the utmost respect for Reana and Kairak, swearing on his life never to reveal any information about their existence.


As an Akoom slave, Hick has served the Elias family and his master, Ralton, for a few years.  Before Hick and Ralton set off to find the Mirage Beast Hunters' village, Ralton's mother asked Hick to protect Ralton in order to continue the Elias' family bloodline.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 2:  Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Hick is introduced at the beginning of Episode 2 with his master, Ralton.  Mentioning of how days have passed wandering in the forest, they then witness a blazing light across the sky, landing somewhere nearby.  Following Ralton in chasing the light, they find Reana and Kairak resting by the river.  Though Ralton becomes lovestruck, Hick is careful of the two travelers.

Near the end of Episode 2, he was taken away from Ralton and interrogated intensely by Duke West Stravin.  He resisted to the utmost of his capabilities, but when Tashia Rochard shows up, she uses her Dragon Artifact to go through his entire mind to find out what he knows.

Season 1 Episode: RaltonEdit

Though his ultimate fate isn't revealed, it is heavily implied that Hick is dead as Ralton accepts his failure as a master protecting his servant by taking the payment for Hick's life.


Contractor Edit

Given to him by the Ralton family, Hick was the Contractor of the guide Dragon Artifact, Guide Needles.  He had the ability to quickly move himself to a desired location.

  • Hick would toss one of the needles to a desired location with precision and pricked himself with the other to teleport where the other needle is located.


Ralton Elias - Hick had served Ralton ever since he was born.  He had sworn to Ralton's mother to protect Ralton at whatever the cost, to ensure that the Elias bloodline will continue.  Although he was a slave, Hick and Ralton were incredibly close instead of the stereotypical relationship most owners have with their slaves.

Hick was overprotective toward Ralton and worried about his safety.  As Hick and Ralton met Reana and Kairak, Hick instantly found the two suspicious after they offered him and Ralton to join their group to the Hunter's village.  Then when Hick found out that many reporters went missing, thanks to Ralton's babbling, he persistently tells Ralton to turn back.  Hick greatly worries about Ralton's safety during their stay at the Hunter's village.  Using the Guiding Needle, Hick is able to sneak into different areas to gather information about the village.

Dark - He has been "granted the name 'Dark' ", but this significance has not been expanded upon yet.  It did, however, compel a passing stranger to save his life as he was being consumed by a possessed Bentiya.

Duke West Stravin -

Marchioness Tashia Rochard -

Reana Forté - Hick was wary about Reana's presence when they first crossed paths.  As they continued to travel togather, Hick began to relax a little more around her.  His attitude changes to the deepest respect for her after she saves his life and reveals that she is Kairak's Riyenas. 


  • The color of Hick's pants changes from black to white in several chapters.