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Welcome to the Abide in the Wind Wiki Guideline page for all editors and contributors! The purpose of this page is to help new editors and contibutors get started on improving and adding information in this wiki; also to setup a standard guideline for current editors as reference.

WARNING: Any pages and texts on this wiki are constantly being changed, edited, and/or added. If anyone feels uncomfortable with edits from other editors or contributors, or even edits made on your own texts, message to RainyDayz, RainofShadows, or Blerghers about the problem.  

Note by RainofShadows: This page is subject to change in the future.


Please read and abide to the rules. Since anyone can edit any of the pages on this wiki, rules are necessary to make sure that there should not be any irrelevant statements (Ex: "This character is so dumb" on a page), misleading information in any shape or form, and conflicts with any users present in this wiki (if there are any).

Here are the following rules:

  • READ the Character and Chapter Pages before you start editing and/or adding a page! You must understand how it is formatted. (This is not mandatory if you know the format.)
  • NO SPOILERS FROM THE RAW VERSION OF ABIDE IN THE WIND. Not many people know what the raw version is.
  • Who


     even if the Korean version of Abide in the Wind has been released. This is to prevent any potential spoilers to the readers who have not read the Korean version of Abide in the Wind. (A/N: If anyone does know who the character on the right is, don't say it!)
  • No profanity in any pages of the wiki and comments. Keep the page formal and appropriate for the readers.
  • PLEASE PUT THE IMAGES IN .PNG FORMAT. It makes the images look nicer.
  • Avoid adding speculation or unconfirmed information in the character biographies.
    • There are two exceptions to this rule:
      • Example: You can add a phrase like, "Due to [Kairak's] possesive nature over Reana, he is considered a Yandere by fans, though it is unknown if other dragons are like this towards their Riyenas" [1] under the Trivia section.
      • Place speculation or unconfirmed information in the comments section.
  • Avoid using slang in the character biographies and chapter summaries.
    • Try to avoid informal words when editing a page as it may give misleading context as a whole.
    • Another reason for that is because there are readers who aren't native in English, thus doesn't understand what it means.
      • (Ex: Rather than "Dark is so emo!", type "Dark is usually seen with a gloomy expression".)
    • You may use slang for pictures in galleries fo humor's sake as long as there is no profanity and the context is not misleading. Please remember not go overboard with this,
  • Don't hesitate to type any information that you believe is brief! Someone would help edit it for you. :)
  • Puns are acceptable as long as it is relevant to the page. (Ex. Dark has a long distant relationship to Reana.)

Grammar Usage Edit

Grammar is the one thing that everyone has to keep in mind. If you are unsure about your grammar, don't worry, this section is here to assist you about proper grammar. This section, in a way, can be used to help improve your grammar and character analysis skills. So here is the grammar guidelines, for editors and contributor alike, that this wiki is looking for.

  • When typing a biography or a summary, it must be written in present tense whenever an action is performed. Reason is because everytime someone reads a story, the story is alive as th
    Wait with Mr.Ralton

    Kairak remembers Reana's words about Ralton.

    ey read it. No matter how many times a story is read repeatedly, the actions and events are happening in real time.
    • You can ONLY type it in past tense if an event is described in a flashback or history that happened prior to the story.
      • (Ex: Kairak follows the Mirage Hunters, as they carry an unconscious Ralton, because he was told by Reana to wait with Ralton.)
  • Type the character biography and summary in Third Person point-of-view when making a character analysis or summary.
  • Whenever there is a number or quantity mentioned in a sentence, type the number by word.
    • The only exception when the number or quantity is over one hundred.
      • (Ex. It has been ten years since Reana seen Ras.)
      • (Ex: "Kairak is 300 years old".)
  • Periods goes after a quotation mark everytime when you quote a statement from a character. (Ex: Kairak grabs Reana's hand and says, "Please be with me".)
    • Punctuation marks like questions, exclamations, and commas goes inside the quotation mark. (Ex: Kairak asks to Didan, "Why do I exist?")
  • Contraction and posessive are not the same; both have different meaning.
  • Its is a possessive for a object.
    • (Ex: The Dragon Artifact can lose its power if the core is destroyed".)
  • It's is the contraction of "it is" in a sentence.
    • "He's trying to separate me and Reana". "He's" is the contraction of "He is".
  • Be careful when placing an apostrophe of a singular or plural noun(s) in a sentence.
    • For a singular possesive noun, place the apostrophe before the inserted "s" to indicate the ownership of a thing or person.
      • Ex: "Roy's hidden picture of Reana, Ras, his wife, and himself is found by Prince Reihart".
    • For a plural possesive noun, place the apostrophe after the inserted "s".
      • Ex: "The Mirage Hunters' Dragon Artifact were checked in the 'Connecting Circle'".
    • When two or more people own the same item, place the apostrophe after the "s" of the last named person.
      • Ex: "Ralton and Hick's traveling bag were brought into their room".
    • If two or more people own different objects in a sentence, place the apostrophes after the "s" of every name.
      • Ex: "Hick's Guide Needles and Dark's Bow are of the same element".
  • Try to avoid Comma Splice or Run-on Sentences (Comma Splice uses a comma to join two clause with no appropriate conjuction).
    • Here are the ways you can fix a run-on or comma splice:
      • Ex: Reana is very smart, she began fixing things when she was eight years old.
    • Separate the clauses by creating them into two different sentences.
      • Reana is very smart. She began fixing things when she was eight years old.
    • Use a semi-colon instead of a coma.
      • Reana is very smart; she began fixing things when she was eight years old.
    • Add a coordinating conjunction; and, but, for, yet, nor, or so after the comma.
      • Reana is very smart, and she began fixing things when she was eight years old.
    • Add a subordinating conjunction; after, although, before, unless, as, because, even though, if, since, until, when, or while before the comma.
      • Because Reana is very smart, she began fixing things when she was eight years old.
    • Use a semi-colon and add a transitional word; however, moreover, on the other hand, nevertheless, instead, also, therefore, consequently, otherwise, as a result.
      • Reana is very smart; as a result, she began fixing things when she was eight years old.

Editing ShortcutsEdit

There are two kinds of editing tools you can use; the classic editor or the visual editor. The classic editor allows editors to use the full feature that contain the media and images, categories, template, and source editor. The visual editor, by clicking the "Edit" button, allows editors to edit a page you see as you browse other pages, however it lacks the source editor feature.

This section here is for the source editor ONLY, if you want to be creative or add extra features.


Links can be inputted by using double square brackets [   ]:


Replace the "TEXT" with the actual title of the existing page in the wiki.

  • Example:
    Result: Didan

Colored TextEdit

<span style="color:turquoise;">TEXT</span>

To change the color of the text, copy the format above and replace the color "turquoise" with a different color name. Replace "TEXT" with the selected word(s) you would to change the color font of.

  • Example:
    <span style="color:magenta;">Reana</span>
    Result: Reana

Besides color names, you can also use color codes for flexibility in choice. (Important note: though color codes may require imtermmediate knowledge in computers, there are websites that provide them for desired colors). 

  • Example 1:
    <span style="color:#E59400;">Reana</span>
    Result: Reana (Capitals are not necessary when using codes!)
  • Example 2:
    <span style="color:rgb(161,57,163);">Reana</span>
    Result: Reana

Font SizesEdit

Change font sizes of selected text by using the either codes given below:

<span style="font-size:##%;">TEXT</span>
<span style="font-size:##px;">TEXT</span>

Replace the ## symbols with numbers for desired size.

  • Example 1:
    <span style="font-size:80%;">Dragon Artifact</span>
    Result: Dragon Artifact (Number below a hundred creates smaller font size; number above a hundred creates bigger size!)
  • Example 2:
    <span style="font-size:20px;">Dragon Artifact</span>
    Result: Dragon Artifact

Collapsible Spoiler BoxEdit

Copy and paste the source code to Source Editor for the Spoiler box. The "Warning" color can be changed. Replace 'pink' with a different color.

{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable"

! <span style="color:rgb(255,115,115);">Warning</span>: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of ''Abide in the Wind''
This space here is where you put the spoiler content


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

This space here is where you put the spoiler content


To add references of an action, event, or idea input this format and replace, "TEXT" to what you referenced to:




Under the References heading to indicate where the info was referenced to. Examples are below.