Faltina Josephine
Biographical Information
Korean 파르티나 요세핀
Occupation Second Queen of Earthside
Status Deceased
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Wavy Blonde
Eye Color Unknown
Family Loenkant Frihanov Pahel (husband)
Lexion Frihanov Latorio (step-son)
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (son)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.60 - Labyrinth of Terre (20) (photograph)
Ch.102 - Reihart (First Part) (cameo)

Faltina Josephine (파르티나 요세핀, Pareutina Yosepin) was the second wife of King Loenkant Frihanov Pahel and mother of Prince Reihart.  She died twelve years before the series start.

Appearance Edit

She has not made an official appearance as she is already dead when the series starts and has been only shown in flashbacks.  It is only known from pictures and flashbacks that she had long, wavy blonde hair.

Personality Edit

She was noted to have been a kind and gentle person.

History Edit

Although not much is known about her past, it is stated that her family were fallen nobles; their status is what made Faltina the next queen after the two princes' revolt.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 4:  Labyrinth of TerreEdit

Season 1 Episode:  ReihartEdit

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Colonel Kaneta -  

Duke West Stravin - He chose her to be the second wife of King Pachel.  However when she was kept hostage, Straubin decided to discard her.

King Loenkant Frihanov Pahel - Her husband.  Their marriage was political.

Prince Lexion Frihanov Latorio - Her step-son.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - Her son.

Trivia Edit

  • It is heavily hinted that Lexion was in love with her.



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