The kingdom of Earthside is ruled by the royal Frihanov family, whose first ruler, Loenkant Frihanov Pachel, still reigns the country. The current king, dubbed Pachel the First, is the first of the royal family and descent of Jerat Empire.

Overview Edit

Traits Edit

Privileges Edit

History Edit

Known Members Edit

  • Loenkant Frihanov Pachel (first and current king)
  • unknown first queen (status unknown)
  • unknown first son (first prince; formerly) (deceased)
  • unknown second son (second prince; formerly) (deceased)
  • Lexion Frihanov Latorio (third prince formerly; crown prince formerly) (deceased)
  • Faltina Josephine (second queen; formerly) (deceased)
  • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (second prince, formerly) 
  • Yulinu (third queen, deceased) 
  • unknown fourth queen (deceased) 
  • unknown fifth queen (deceased) 
  • Eltess (sixth queen) 
  • Elise Frihanov (first princess) 

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