The Dragon Pearl (용주, Yongju) is a bead that contains the life and powers of a Dragon. It is considered the most powerful object in Abide in the Wind, which leads many people of different race to seek for it to fulfill their own purposes and desires.


Riyenas are known as "the Owner of the Dragon Pearl" for they are able to control the powers of the Pearl through their emotions. Riyenas are chosen by their dragons to provide the dragon with "life" from them.

A Dragon Pearl is a double edged sword; it is what makes Dragons the most powerful beings but if it is corrupted the Dragon could suffer terribly or go insane. Corruption can be caused by negative emotion or interference from other races.

Dragon Pearls vary in color depending on the color of the Dragon's Flame Veils. Signs of corruption usually include the color changing to a dark red.

Dragons choose vessels to carry their Dragon Pearl in different ways that are unknown.

A Dragon will slowly lose its will to live if it is separated from its Dragon Pearl for too long.



Breath of LifeEdit

When a Riyenas exhales onto a gem, it can either become a healing stone that instantly heals life-threatening injuries, or become the core of a Dragon Artifact. They can also exhale into someone's mouth to inject their aura into them to prolong the person's life.

Flame Veil MaterializationEdit

  • Tilla: A general command that all Riyenas use to materialize Flame Veils into whatever image comes from their mind. The word 'Tilla' must be used first before they can use a specific command (ex.,"Tilla: Armum" for defense).
    • Tilla.Ritora (틸라.리토라, tilla ritora):  It recreates the last Flame Veil form the Riyenas summoned.
    • Tilla.Armum (틸라.아르뭄, tilla areumum):  This summons a shield with the symbol of the dragon pearl.  Its size and density changes from the Riyenas' will.
    • Tilla.Telum (틸라.텔룸, tilla tellum):  This ability materializes the Flame Veils into a weapon that the Riyenas is most familiar with.
  • Un.Plaga (운 플라가, un peullaga):  This command exterminates a large number of enemies by creating powerful blasts of Flame Veils shooting out from the dragon pearl symbol. This ability, however, comes with a risk of targeting anything and anyone within its range, whether they are friend or foe.