Dragon Knights
Physical Colored uniforms
Season 1
Chapter Ch.09 - Riyenas (9)
Dragon Knight (용기사, Yonggisa) is an elite soldier of Kingdom of Earthside who owns a Dragon Artifact. Many human citizens revere them with awe and respect.


Contractors who are affiliated in the army of the Kingdom of Earthside are famously referred as Dragon Knights. During the creation of the kingdom, Dragon Artifacts were found within the Labyrinth of Terreh and greatly used by the army. With these items, the kingdom defeated the Jerat Empire and pushed back the land's original dwellers (Mirage Beast Hunters and Akoom) and monsters known as Mirage Beasts.

Dragon Knights can promote to higher class if they pass the examination (what it is has never been disclosed).




Dragon knight uniforms

Dragon Knights ranked by color of uniform

All Dragon Knights don the standard uniform consisting of white pants, black knee-high boots and a grey shirt with a clerical collar (the kingdom is, however, not religious). A Knight's class is shown from the color of their hat and jacket—black for First-Class, red for Second-Class, and green for Third-Class—and are both made of Mirage Beast hide as it is a material known for its sturdiness. Their jacket is a sleeveless tabard cape cut to the waist with a square gold clasp located at the sternum and a hood that is white on the inside with white trimmings. They also wear a hat fashioned like a Balmoral bonnet with a voluminous flat crown tilted to the right with two ridges each on one side, the brim white in color.

Known Dragon KnightsEdit

The following is a list of Dragon Knights that have appeared in the series. They are recorded by order of appearance.


Name Association Dragon Artifact
Unknown Contractor / James' son (Second-Class)  (Deceased) — — Moonlight-Slicing Sword (Light)
Lupenin Laiden (First-Class; captain) Killavin Platoon Warrior Clubs (Earth)
Hatton (Second-Class; lieutenant)  (Deceased) Duke West Stravin (bodyguard) Tailbone Sword (Light)
Kaneta (First-Class; lieutenant colonel) Terre (Chief of Defense) Flail Whip (Earth)
Millanka (First-Class; warrant officer) Killavin Platoon Gloves of the Giant (Earth)
Pima (First-Class; second lieutenant) Killavin Platoon — —