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Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
Dragons (용, Yong) are the most powerful beings in existence in the series. They are the creators and keepers of many worlds; when one world's evolution is complete, they move onto the next. Due to their great powers, they were sought out in the past by those who would use their Dragon Pearl for their own purposes and desires. In the world of Abide in the Wind, most of the dragons have already departed from the planet, and Kairak is one of, if not the last remaining dragon on Earth. Dragons are meta-physical beings, being born without a physical body.


Dragons are, essentially, the "world". They are above the worries of lesser creatures, and without interferences, are more or less thoughtless, merely existing to shape and observe the world. Since the negativities of the world contaminates them, they refrain from engaging in conflicts. They are passive towards other living creatures; they would prefer to have things continue to live and die around them without interfering as the strong devour the weak.


See main article:  Riyenas

After choosing their Riyenas, both dragon and partner are bound in body and mind; as a result, their thoughts and desires tend to follow that of their Riyenas. Kairak is no different, and as he bonds with the gentle and good-willed Reana, he begins to think on his own and understand her perspective on the world.

When a Riyenas dies, the Dragon Pearl returns to its rightful dragon.


Dragon FormEdit

The form of a dragon varies, depending on the element and the colored Flame Veil that they each possess. At a young age, a dragon's size is equivalent to that of a house, while a full-fledged adult dragon towers a city, its stature akin to a mountain's.

Humanoid FormEdit

Dragons can take on the appearance of a beautiful human being, however it is unknown if they have rounded or pointed ears. Their eyes have small slit pupils and are usually seen wearing elaborate clothing.


When the dragons came to the planet, it caused the rapid evolution of life through the planet. The first known Riyenas, a mirage beast possessing three eyes ( an imugi) and a strong desire to stand and be with strong beings. That imugi' desire was so strong, that she ended up being the first creature picked by a dragon - and thus started the cycle of Imugi being chosen as Riyenas. That in turned caused the Imugi to be looked up to as the highest living being, and caused them to be arrogant. Which lead to them causing havoc and bloodshed through time if another being besides their own became Ryenas. Sometime after, the Akoom later became another race that began to be chosen as Riyenas.

Sometime later, as humans began to show up, the dragons knowing the corruption that humans will bring decided to leave the planet ( which resulted in the Imugi becoming close to extinction) and soon the dragons - all but Munyak and Kairak ( was still not born yet) left. Fearing the corruption of her son, Munyak took great measures to ensure that her irrationall emotions would not affect him and hid him and herself from the world.

munyak was later descovered by a human rebel whom became her Riyenas ( it implied be ch 100 that he had a strong desire that caused her to choose him) and with her power helped to create the earth side kingdom.


As they are reality warping beings, they wield great power and fortitude. Causing a natural disaster would be a simple matter to them, as simple as breathing. However, being a dragon comes with some hassle; as intelligent beings come to be, they must depart the world, for fear that they end up being corrupted by the negativity in their existence. Dragons have specific elements that they have an affinity towards and bring to the world.


  • Dragons are nigh-immortal, and cannot be killed. If a dragons physical form is destroyed, they still exist and will reform later on. Dragons that have chosen a Riyenas, however, must be more careful; since they are bound body and soul to their Riyenas, they will die if the Riyenas dies.
  • Dragons never tried or have the need to rest.

Known DragonsEdit




Kairak Wind Reana Forté
Munyak Earth Loenkant Frihanov Pahel (formerly)  •  Human; former
Rahutanoks Darkness Akoom
Laienaru Light Unknown Akoom
Zainarak Fire Imugi
Altum Earth Imugi