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Biographical Information
Korean 디단
Occupation Servant to Dragon Pearl
Riyenas Candidate (formerly)
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Spirit
Akoom (formerly)
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Aqua & Black
Family Unknown Akoom (brother)
Affiliation Kairak (Master)
Reana Forté (Master)
Munyak (Former Master)
Abilities Memory Alteration
Equipment Ordering Stick
Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
Lord Kairak, [you] may also be put into a position where you must choose. But the safest thing would be to mature and leave this world fast. That is the best for everyone.

–Didan to Kairak

Didan (디단, Didan) is the loyal servant of Kairak. Although appearing quite considerate and sensible, he has an agenda of his own even as Kairak's advisor. He wishes to see Kairak mature safely and depart the world after one year.


Didan is intelligent and manipulative. Not having a human nature means he does away with typical human emotions, and he understands how dragons think quite well; as a result, he has no qualms about leaving people or other spirits to die, if it means ensuring the continued success of his plans. He'll leave Reana and Kairak in the dark as much as possible to keep their own ideas from interfering with his plans.

He's shown to get irritated quite easily, whether it's by Reana's naivety or Kairak's unexpected responses, and is astonished by Kairak's development with his human Riyenas.


In his full form, Didan is a tall slim figure. He have short white hair above the nape of his neck, tanned skin, and blue and black colored eyes, shaped similar to a radioactive sign. He wears a brown samo, white jeogori, brown bangnyeongkit shimui with yellow square collar, yellow sash, white baji, and black hwa boots. He carries a black ordering stick, similar to that of a gavel.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind
Didan warrior
In his past life as an Akoom, Didan was a warrior who carried a long, thin spear as his weapon.

His white hair was kept long that reached to his waist. ; he wore brown pants that tassels around the ankles; and a brown whool cape. He wore a red-plumed mask that depicted numerous eyes—this might symbolize the Mirage Beasts for their many eyes.


Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

Long ago, Didan was an Akoom who was chosen as a Riyenas candidate along with his brother. Didan was a warrior while his brother was not. When his brother was chosen as Riyenas, his jealousy caused him to lash out on his brother, unfortunately dealt a lethal blow and accidentally killed him. After he had committed the grave sin of slaying his own kin, Didan's memories were completely wiped and was bound to a Dragon Pearl as his punishment by serving its master for eternity. He appears to be following this order faithfully, but in truth he wants to be free from his retributions as quick as possible.



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Memory alteration:  He is able to subtly alter memories of any select individual; usually, its to erase suspicion of Kairak's existence. However, the ability is not truly changing their memories; Didan manipulates the target's memories by altering their emotions. Once the Memory Alteration is used, the target can produce unpredictable actions and emotions without having to suspect Kairak and Reana. The only exception that the ability won't affect are the memories of contractors.

Dragon Pearl Recall:  He has the ability to summon back the Dragon Pearl from its host; however, Reana was chosen by Kairak as his Riyenas. If a dragon chooses their Riyenas, he can no longer use the ability to recall the Dragon Pearl.

Miniaturization:  He is able to change his original size into a smaller version of himself.

Dragon Pearl Bind:  This ability allows Didan to temporarily seal the power of the Dragon Pearl in Reana, preventing her from using its powers.

Knowledge Transfer:  Through the ability to sense his surroundings, Didan is able to transfer knowledge to Reana and Kairak to see the scope of his vision.

Invisibility:  He is visible only to those he so wishes to reveal himself to.



Didan advises and protects Kairak at all cost until he becomes a full-fledged adult. Didan has been watching over Kairak ever since the time his birth, and accompanied him during the 299 years within the barrier. However, whether Didan's actions are truly for Kairak's good is debatable.

Reana FortéEdit

He cares little for Reana at first but grows to respect her ingenuity and instinct. However, he still sees her as mostly a tool for his own ends.


Unknown AkoomEdit

He recollects an Akoom with long white hair at one point from his forgotten past, crying the second time remembering the person.


  • Didan mostly uses his miniature form rather than his original form throughout the first portion of the story.
  • He is invisible to most beings—even the Imugi can't detect his presence. He only allows other beings to see him when needed (conversing, for example).
  • He is the only character donning a Korean outfit (a Korean scholar's uniform, typically worn by males).