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Contractor (계약자, Gyeyakja) is a term used for people who use and own Dragon Artifacts. Contractors are viewed with awe and respect by many since the time of their origination because of the powers they obtain through the Artifacts.


Those who use Dragon Artifacts are referred as Contractors, as they are able to use the items due to their strong mentality and fulfillment of certain contract conditions. Thanks to the powers of the Dragon Artifacts, Contractors are bestowed with inhuman strength and stamina.

Most humans are not strong enough to withstand using Dragon Artifacts as their body and Mentality are weaker than that of the Imugi's and the Akoom's; many would usually be consumed quickly by Blackthorn if contracted with a Second-Class Artifact. Successful human Contractors are cautioned to only use their Artifacts for roughly an hour (that is, without using any powerful moves) before they deplete their mentality. Contractors in general are targeted by parasites, formless red spirits that thrives on the energy from others to live on. For all Contractors, rewriting their memory does not work on them (but manipulation does).

Since Dragon Artifacts were indirectly created by a Dragon Pearl, Contractors are able to sense the power of the Pearl from a Riyenas' touch. Only Contractors of named Dragon Artifacts are capable of sensing the Pearl's aura at a close distance.



Labyrinth of TerrehEdit

Known ContractorsEdit

Mirage Beast HuntersEdit

See main article:  Mirage Beast Hunters 

Known as Mirage Beast Hunters (환수 사냥꾼, Hwansu Sangyangkkun, lit. Restitutory Hunter), they are Imugi who hunt Mirage Beasts for trade. Their community is widely believed as one of the original native dwellers of the land, and were Contractors long before the kingdom of Earthside was established. They are not social with society, only keeping secret to themselves and rarely showing their faces to people they are not acquainted to.


See main article: Akoom

The Akoom from the Great Plains and The Forest Akoom became Contractors before the kingdom was created, though not as early as the Imugi. Unfortunately there are very few Akoom who are Contractors from the current timeline due to their enslavement by the humans.

Dragon KnightsEdit

See main article:  Dragon Knights

If a citizen of Earthside contracts a Dragon Artifact without recognition from the kingdom, it is considered illegal. Dragon Knights (용기사, Yonggisa), elite human soldiers of the royal army, are only allowed to become Contractors and must serve in the military. Since Dragon Artifacts are classified by rank of power, Dragon Knights don specific colored uniforms to show their Artifact's class.

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