When creating a new character page make sure to follow the following format.


The title or name of the page should be as follows:

Format: Full Name (use capitals when necessary)

Example: Reana Forté

Character Information

Make sure to add a character infobox template at the top and a characters navbox template at the bottom of each page created either by selecting it from the list of templates or adding it manually via the source editor. Make sure to add in all the information that you can.

The template for the character infobox is located here: Template:Infobox character

The template for the characters navbox is located here: Template:Navbox characters

If adding the character infobox manually, paste the following into the source editor at the very top and enter the information:

{{Infobox character

If selecting from templates, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Templates in the sidebar on the right and select Add other templates
  2. Either type in infobox character and select the one that comes up and click insert or selection it from the list if it is visible
  3. A new screen should come up where you can add in all the information that you can
  4. Click OK to insert

For more template help visit: Help:Templates

Headings and Content

Make sure the following headings are present:










Add in as much information as you can for each section. Don't forget to check for spelling and grammar and read the General Guidelines when adding information.

Remember to include subheadings to better organize the information for:

1) chronology in events (History, Plot; Appearance and Personality if applicable), and

2) to separate subjects (Abilities, Relationships).

Sections and subsections used for Reihart Frihanov Cantaré

===Earthside under Calamity===


===Red Rock Passage Incident===

===Season 1 Episdoe 1===
===Season 1 Episode 6===
===Season 2 Episode 8===


===Lexion Frihanov Latorio===
===Reana Forté===

For minor characters that have little information due to lack of appearances, exclude Personality, History, Abilities, Relationships, Images, and Trivia; if there are information of said topics, they can be included.


Make sure the following tags are added to each character page by this order:

  • Characters (just the word, not the name of the character)
  • Major/Minor/Deceased Characters (if applicable)
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Affiliations (nationality, organization, etc.)
  • Occupation

Make sure the tags are in plural form when necessary.

Tags used for Reana Forté

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