When creating a new chapter make sure to follow the following format.


The title or the name of the page should be as follows:

Format: Ch.## - Name of Arc (# in arc)  (use capitals when necessary)

Example: Ch.02 - Riyenas (2)

If there is only one chapter in an arc, the (# in arc) may be excluded.

Chapter Information

Make sure to add a chapter infobox template to each page either by selecting it from the list of templates or adding it manually via the source editor. Make sure to add in all the information that you can.

The template for the chapter infobox is located here: Template:Infobox chapter

If adding it manually, paste the following into the source editor at the very top and enter the information:

{{Infobox chapter

If adding it from the Templates sidebar, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Templates in the sidebar on the right and select Add other templates
  2. Either type in infobox chapter and select the one that comes up and click insert or selection it from the list if it is visible
  3. A new screen should come up where you can add in all the information that you can
  4. Click OK to insert

For more template help visit: Help:Templates

Headings and Content

Make sure the following headings are present:




Add the characters' appearance navbox template under the Navigation section and include every character that was present in the chapter by order of appearance.

The template for the characters' appearance navbox is located here: Template:CharacterAppearance Navbox

Add in the summary of the chapter and make sure you cover the majority of it, especially the important scenes. When writing summaries, add links to names, locations, items or anything of significance (make sure to check if there's an article for it beforehand!). Don't forget to check for spelling and grammar and read the General Guidelines when adding information. Include Trivia information if applicable.

Lastly, remember to add a picture from the chapter to the infobox. Additional pictures can be added in a gallery format at the bottom of the summary with each having a caption.

Important note: If the particular chapter you are editing is not covered by scanlators and is only available in Korean, you must add a Future Content template to show readers that the page contain (major) spoilers.

The template for the Future Content template is located here: Template:Future Content


Make sure the following tags are added to each character page:

  • Chapter (just the word, not the name of the chapter)
  • Season #