Ch.86 - Taturang (21)
Chapter Information
Korean 86화 타트랑 21
Season 1
Chapter 86
Release Date August 07, 2013
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Ch.85 - Taturang (20)
Ch.87 - Taturang (END)


Eren and Leehalt question Penny about the evacuation of citizens from Vicepent although she does not remember anything due to the Memory Alternation. After being discharged, she admires Leehalt’s looks and recalls a blurred image of Kairak. Inside, the two have a talk about the Dragon and how the situation helped to increase Leehalt’s popularity. The conversation leads to King’s upcoming wedding and Leehalt’s womanizing habits due to the fact that he used to date King’s fiancée. In another place, the man who was purified by Reana reunites with his daughter. The chapter ends with a scene of visibly matured Kairak opening a door to a room service.


Characters in Order of Appearance
Penny Syllan • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Eren Rochard • Kairak • Loenkant Frihanov PahelPenny Syllan • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Eren Rochard • Kairak • Loenkant Frihanov Pahel

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