Ch.85 - Taturang (20)
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Korean 85화 타트랑 20
Season 1
Chapter 85
Release Date July 31, 2013
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Ch.84 - Taturang (19)
Ch.86 - Taturang (21)


In the purification chamber, conscious Kairak questions Reana about her feelings for younger Kairak. (He does not seem to recognise the younger one as himself.) She says that she is unsure about them but she does not dislike him. He proceeds to show her the future where Kairak becomes an apocalyptic existence and asks if she would still like him. Reana expresses her faith in Kairak; she could never see him turning evil but if that happens she will stay by his side.  Then conscious Kairak kisses her and the chamber explodes with light. Back in the real world, Kairak is fully recovered and confesses his feelings for Reana. Seeing him cheerful like that, she wonders what could possibly be wrong with him. Upon hearing her thoughts, Kairak makes a horrified expression.  


Characters in Order of Appearance
Reana Forté • Kairak • DidanReana Forté • Kairak • Didan

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