Ch.84 - Taturang (19)
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Korean 84화 타트랑 19
Season 1
Chapter 84
Release Date July 24, 2013
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Ch.83 - Taturang (18)
Ch.85 - Taturang (20)


Kairak transforms into his dragon form and flies away with Reana before Leehalt could attack them. Leehalt, angered over their escape, tells Captain Lupenin to record the monster as dead. His thoughts go back to Reana's power and thinks of a way it could be used. Meanwhile, Reana tries to wake up unconscious Kairak but purification is not working. Didan tells her to breathe her aura into him. After she does so, she finds herself in the purification chamber with Kairak in his conscious form. 


Characters in Order of Appearance
Kairak • Reana FortéReihart Frihanov Cantaré • Lupenin Laiden • DidanKairak • Reana FortéReihart Frihanov Cantaré • Lupenin Laiden • Didan

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