Ch.83 - Taturang (18)
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Korean 83화 타트랑 18
Season 1
Chapter 83
Release Date July 17, 2013
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Ch.82 - Taturang (17)
Ch.84 - Taturang (19)


Reana defends the mutated human from Leehalt's attack. He quickly moves to attack her but collapses due to an overuse of his Dragon Artifact. He falls into the first stage of mind corruption but Reana uses the power of the Dragon Pearl to clean his mind. He takes advantage of her carelessness and grabs her hands. Then Kairak appears because of Reana's fear of Leehalt. 


Characters in Order of Appearance
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Reana Forté • Didan • KairakReihart Frihanov Cantaré • Reana Forté • Didan • Kairak

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