Ch.82 - Taturang (17)
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Korean 82화 타트랑 17
Season 1
Chapter 82
Release Date July 10, 2013
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Ch.81 - Taturang (16)
Ch.83 - Taturang (18)


Reana reassures Kairak that she is grateful to be his Riyenas because she is able to help those in need. Meanwhile, Leehalt meets Lupenin and other Dragon Knights. Lupenin informs him that Dark has opened the portal but Leehalt knows that the Akoom wound not willingly help humans. He wonders if it was Reana’s action. He tells Lupenin to distract the monster so he could attack it. Lupenin activates his Dragon Artifact and strikes it. Leehalt moves to finish off the monster but Reana comes into his way. Their encounter  is followed with an enormous explosion.


Characters in Order of Appearance
Reana Forté • Kairak • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Lupenin LaidenReana Forté • Kairak • Reihart Frihanov Cantaré • Lupenin Laiden

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